Men be sending the worst tiktoks, nothing they send is funny

Men be sending the worst tiktoks, nothing they send is funny

So I started this creative writing thing with one of my friends, it was his idea, and it’s a great idea to kick off inspiration. Especially because I’m lacking of it at the moment, and I want to finish a book… I’m in a complete utter blank ! I’ll take all the help I can get.

The topic this time was “happiness” and my version of it.

I can say how I picture my happiness, and that’s where it gets confusing, because I can’t picture it clearly. It’s not wholesome, it’s fragmented with possibilities… and they all sound so perfect. 

Picture perfect of happiness, yes that’s it…

I’m hearing the sound of a rooster, screaming its lungs out to wake up the whole neighborhood of chickens, and me by ricochet. I’m looking at the time : barely 5am ! What is this place. That’s right, I’m in Serbia. My Grandma’s beautiful home in the countryside. 

I hate being awake that early, yet the energy of the sun rays subtly warming my skin feels so nice. The air filling my lungs with a sweet smell of roses from the garden is delighting me. My dog’s barking for attention already, and I have to get up. 

This morning light is stunning though… I am happy. I can be a happy hater. I can do that.

* * *

It’s so hot out, I can enter these waters without feeling a shiver.

I have never experienced this anywhere else in my life. This is a dream come true. I can swim for hours in this translucent water, I mean unless the fishes start attacking me again… they’re so hungry for skin, what is wrong with them ? I didn’t know Greece hosted so many mini-piranhas. 

Let me have a nice mojito by the pool then. I can chill tipsily on the sun bed, while my boyfriend is showing off his swimming skills. He knows how to do the butterfly and make me laugh. What could be more perfect than this ?

A night out in Rethymno, with a dinner reservation at Achinos ! I’m getting the shrimp saganaki with a nice glass of chilled rosé, overlooking the Venetian harbour. I’m toasting with my love, and surprising myself into thinking how I wish we could always be like this. Because that’s not only happy, it’s drunkenly happy. 

* * * 

I can’t believe I survived this 12-hour flight, yet again… definitely not sober though. I took all the champagne the Air France flight attendant was giving me out. Which was a lot. I don’t know if they heard the word “limit” somewhere, because I most certainly haven’t;

Hello L.A. you bitch, you’re just like I remembered you to be !

Surprisingly I’m finally home. The misfit is back in her true hometown, the one that resides in her heart forever and ever, if there’s such a thing. I fell in love with a city before I fell in love with a man. And it feels like I occasionally cheat on my man when I come here just for myself.

I need the reconnection : let me recharge my batteries with the Hollywood sightings, and a nice lunch at Tender Greens.

I can hear Noah screaming for oysters in the back, we’re headed for Whole Foods early in the AM before all the stay-at-home moms from the Hills go on a seafood shopping spree and we’re left with nothing else but Tequila.

I’m not having that. I meant, not just that. 

We’re finally cruising the highways at sunset, why is it so cinematic here. I feel like my life is an actual movie when I’m in L.A. Is this real life or is this what true happiness is like…

I guess my versions of happiness are pretty cool uh. The best part is I get to experience them all. Not at the same time, but they’re all past, present and future memories. Maybe I am genuinely that happy.

Men be sending the worst tiktoks, nothing they send is funny
Men be sending the worst tiktoks, nothing they send is funny
Men be sending the worst tiktoks, nothing they send is funny
Men be sending the worst tiktoks, nothing they send is funny
Men be sending the worst tiktoks, nothing they send is funny