The Broad, part 2

The Broad, part 2
Jenny Salville, Stare

Here’s part two of my little visit to The Broad museum. There’s too many artists on show in this post, so I’ll write them down as captions under each art.

I was struck by the powerful images on display, and sculptures as well. It excited my mind, and the overall experience was quite pleasing. What is incredible about art, is how most pieces can still apply to contemporary times. I just love scrolling around galleries and letting it inspire me.

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What’s your birthstone ? mine is rock bottom

What's your birthstone ? mine is rock bottom

These are the last of my photos from Les Arcs, in the French Alps. Obviously I didn’t shoot many pictures because I was ski-vacationing, but also we stayed at the same place for the entire week, and it’s just different sets of mountains around. Which is beautiful to look at peacefully, and enjoy, but without the need for any electronic device.

For some reason, the white balance was dreadful… impossible to edit properly because of that. I guess it was too white ? It jammed my iPhone lenses, couldn’t get the colors in order. So I decided to use a film emulator, with grains and what not, and just leave the pictures in plain black and white. I like the grungy results it gave me.

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10 months into 2022 and I only enjoyed like 4 days in total

10 months into 2022 and I only enjoyed like 4 days in total

The last time I went skiing I was about 12 years old… horrible experience. I spent three weeks at Saint-Véran, which is the highest village in France. It’s in the Alps, and I didn’t know back then that I had some health issues, which made living there quite challenging to say the least. I was basically unable to breathe normally the whole time, so any type of physical activity made my head spin, and I would faint.

So you can imagine now as an aware adult, when my boyfriend suggested we go on a fancy ski trip at Les Arcs, I actually made a long face. He loves going to snowy mountains for skiing in the winter, and I managed to escape that activity for the past 4 years we’ve been together… but this year, I couldn’t pass up on it. I said yes, let’s go and maybe it’ll be fun.

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It’s October already ?? What’s next ? November ???

It's October already ?? What's next ? November ???

When I went to visit my best friend in Switzerland, where she’s been living for many years now… I never expected that a little road trip would turn out so gorgeous. The views on the mountains while cruising, were absolutely astounding. It was completely breathtaking, and I understood so very well, why my bestie moved here.

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Mom said I could become anything, so I became a f**king problem

Mom said I could become anything, so I became a f**king problem

I am one of those people who never gets tired of walking around their own city… especially because that city is none other than Paris ! Splendid buildings, incredible designs, you can find Art at every corner, and then when you turn, you find yourself in luscious parks; what more to ask for, right ?

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