The only exercise I be doing is jumping to conclusions

The only exercise I be doing is jumping to conclusions

I am gonna take a week off blogging after this post 😊
I have some health issues I need to deal with, and I need to rest for the time being as well.

So here’s a reverse walk in Belgrade, when my best friend came to visit. Follow us from sunset to morning, while we explore this gorgeous city. Also wanted to share that my editing got better on Lightroom (on desktop), and I find it more practical and less time consuming. I use presets that I alter, and I definitely need to invest in some new ones, because I basically only have six so far. But they’re already giving great results !

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Mom said I could become anything, so I became a f**king problem

Mom said I could become anything, so I became a f**king problem

I am one of those people who never gets tired of walking around their own city… especially because that city is none other than Paris ! Splendid buildings, incredible designs, you can find Art at every corner, and then when you turn, you find yourself in luscious parks; what more to ask for, right ?

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Having a job is cool, but everyday ?

Having a job is cool, but everyday ?

My best friend surprised me with a quick visit to Paris !
The day before I left for my summer vacay to Crete island. We had an amazing day walking around the city, which is absolutely gorgeous at that time of the year. I always miss her so much, so when we see each other, it’s a moment !

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La Table Cachée

Par Michel Roth

La Table Cachée

There are so many Michelin stars restaurants in Paris, that it’s basically impossible to do them all, especially on a budget you’d think…

Well that might be true for the first part of the sentence, the second actually is possible. You can access an online guide of famous one star-Michelin restaurants, where they’ll make you a special lunch pricing, that makes it affordable to taste something out of the box.

We tried La Table Cachée by Michel Roth, it’s on a rooftop, so you have a gorgeous view on the Hotel de Ville. What’s funny is that in the title it says “hidden”, because it kinda is, since it’s inside one of the most luxurious department stores in Paris, the BHV.

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I wanna know how many miles I’ve scrolled on my phone with my thumb

I wanna know how many miles I've scrolled on my phone with my thumb

A walk through a marvellous garden…

A soft summer breeze is blowing, I’m hearing the leaves tickling each other and giggling with a distinct whistling, as if they are actually little human beings. Everything is alive in this forest, and I myself am part of it. I’m as human as the centenary tree in the middle of it all. I’m part of everything in this place, as much as they’re part of me.

My elvish skin is nourished by the sun rays, just like the flowers, and I blossom throughout the year in the same manner. I feel more connected to the ground I walk on, than the weird city lights I see being built in the far away. I wish they’ll stay that way. We don’t need artificial anything here, it’s already so full of life.


I wanna know how many miles I've scrolled on my phone with my thumb
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