Weekend vibes in Malibu

Point Dume
Weekend vibes in Malibu

The beaches of Malibu… they’re the best ones in California. I love to go on little hikes to Point Dume for the amazing views you can only see from up there. I sometimes even see sea lions ! You can actually notice a bunch of them in my pictures here, if you zoom in 🙂
Weekend vibes in MalibuWeekend vibes in MalibuWeekend vibes in MalibuWeekend vibes in MalibuWeekend vibes in Malibu

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Dailies 0041 – Xmas 2017

Retro life

VHS vlog with my grandma & sisters during Christmas… we ate cake, went to Starbucks, had a nice walk in Paris and laughed a lot !

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Time for new adventures !

It’s crazy but 2017 has finally come to a close, it was a wild ride, I tried to figure a lot of things out and I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be a sleepless year as I’m getting my stuff together. I’m not the type of person to set out goals just because I don’t like planning my future, I prefer being surprised by what’s to come but I got this idea instead (from the blogger James Kicinski-McCoy) of coupling 10 things I’m obsessed about, or thinking of, or facts about myself… like, a little mixed bag of my current thoughts, ideas & faves.

  1. Working on my GEEKLAND magazine in 2017 proved me I could do it, so get ready because you’ll see a lot from me on there in 2018, as I’m taking it to the next level, it’s gonna be more personal & in-depth.
  2. I’m kind of fed up with photography after nearly exclusively focusing on that for the past two years, I’m going back to filmmaking.
  3. I’m upping my fashion sense in 2018, getting the total LA-style look with some rock elements.
  4. I’m almost always scrolling over videos on social media; ain’t nobody got time for that.
  5. My sister & I are completely obsessing over Lil Pump‘s Gucci Gang song
  6. We decided to both get something Gucci because of it… 😂
  7. I’ve studied “Music Theory” from Yale University, and was in a special music class from middle school through high school – this is the year I’m going back to my roots and showing people what I’m capable of.
  8. One of my biggest pet peeves are cotton pads, I literally can’t stand them.
  9. In other “weird facts you don’t want to know about me” I sweat when I’m cold… and I just found out Jennifer Lawrence shares the same issue.
  10. Already daydreaming about my come-back to the city of angels : it will be bomb, you’re not prepared ! 😜

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always take the scenic route

Hello from Santa Monica
always take the scenic route

An evening out in Los Angeles, waiting from the cliffs for the sun to set in the ocean. A peaceful and relaxing setting… perfect ending to a nice warm day in the city that made me better & stronger. I love you.
always take the scenic routealways take the scenic route

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Store changes

The place that used to sell most of my photos

Hi everyone ! I’ve made some changes and after weeks going through important details and finalizing everything I needed to, I was screwed over by the worst platform for photographers I’ve ever had experience with.

Long story short, it used to be really easy to buy a photo of mine on 500px, unfortunately they changed a lot of things for the worse mostly, and made it harder to sell; they take sometimes up to 70% of my income on sales and 30% more of what they give me, just for wiring me my money… it’s absolutely outrageous and basically theft, but when you’re a struggling artist you don’t have much choice.

Anyway, after a couple of my followers complained they couldn’t buy any of my photos on 500px I checked it out and discovered that they removed the “download” option off almost every photograph that is for sale, but three… it doesn’t make any sense, they’re claiming just these three are royalty-free even though I uploaded many more with model releases and completed everything by the book for royalty-free sales.

My store licensing status is in the green, which means every single one of my photos was approved for sale with the correct license… yet, they won’t let people buy my work. I have a theory that this is happening because I do not have a “Pro” account, those accounts are extremely expensive and not everyone can afford them. These jerks working at 500px are liars who won’t come forward with these radical changes and are just forcing them on photographers.

So for now, despite all of my hard work and attention to detail, and after completing every single thing they’ve asked for licences and royalty-free sales, and more of etc… I am realizing that it was for nothing. At least I understand now why I haven’t been able to make a sale in the last three-months : it wasn’t my fault, like I originally thought, I doubted myself and imagined that maybe I had lost my edge for photography… no, in reality it’s because 500px cut off my means for sales.

It’s so insane, I cannot believe that this type of gross behavior exists. I am gonna have to move everything to a new place. This is going to be extremely tiring and difficult for me to do because I have other (unrelated) things I am managing at the same time. I won’t close my 500px account, I’ll keep uploading to share with who follows me on there, but that’s all I’ll be able to do. I’ll finish by saying, don’t bother selling on 500px if you’ve ever considered it. I am a member for years and made them sales, and look how they treat loyalty and artists.

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Last-minute Christmas gift guide

It’s almost Christmas !

Haven’t gotten around getting gifts for everyone yet ?… and Xmas is only a couple of days away and you need help because you’re feeling stuck, lacking ideas ? well, this is the perfect place for you ! check out my most coveted findings for a wonderful holiday 🙂

MARCHESA dress for 11,797.84 €, AGENT PROVOCATEUR bodysuit for 322.43 €, MIU MIU ‘Dahlia’ embellished leather shoulder for 2,500 €, DOLCE & GABBANA sandals for 995 €, MIU MIU ‘My Miu’ leather, suede and python shoulder bag for 1,800 €
GUCCI sunglasses for 850 €, THE BEACH PEOPLE blanket for 130 €, GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI sandals for 895 €, THAMES & HUDSON ‘Karl Lagerfeld : Fendi 50 Years by Steidi’ book for 125 €
BUCCELLATI 18-karat gold diamond cuff / bracelet for 45,000 €, FERNANDO JORGE 18-karat gold diamond ring for 31,250 €, CHOPARD ‘Happy Dreams 36 satin’ 18-karat rose gold diamond & mother-of-pearl watch for 43,340 €, ANITA KO 18-karat rose gold diamon earrings for 9,265 €, TOM DIXON ‘Materialism’ oil candle for 150 €, DIPTYQUE ‘Orange Blossom’ hourglass diffuser for 140,40 €, TOM DIXON ‘London, Orientalist and Royalty’ set of candles for 100 €

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Adventures are forever !

To our wild summer adventures…
Adventures are forever !

Caught myself feeling nostalgic today, over last summer, especially when I went to see my best friend who lives in Zurich and we had so much fun ! As per usual… but last time we took so many pictures together, it was like working and sightseeing and girly talks and enjoying the beautiful sunny days, and it was the best. Obviously I’m missing those moments. Here’s a couple photos from a cool spot in the city – I think this is the Lindenhofplatz, that place is perfect for cityscapes.
Adventures are forever !Adventures are forever !Adventures are forever !Adventures are forever !

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