I can’t believe they make you go to work when you’re sleepy

I can't believe they make you go to work when you're sleepy

Last batch of portraits taken by my talented best friend Barbara ❤️

When I look at these pictures, so many wonderful memories come straight to my mind… all the laughter, beautiful moments, cool discoveries, and mostly crazy adventures that I share with her. She’s the Starsky to my Hutch, or maybe it’s the other way around, but anyway we’re like soul sisters. She’s my human. I always miss her so much, and I know whenever I get to see her it’s gonna be fun times. Can’t wait to go on yet another vacay with her ! Until then, enjoy this…

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Does anyone else take 3-5 business days to put their laundry away or is it just me

Does anyone else take 3-5 business days to put their laundry away or is it just me

Cherry picking is probably my favorite activity, after laying in the sun and reading. I love that my Grandma planted a bunch of cherry trees, and that now we get so many of them every year. They’re so full of juice, and better eaten fresh, right after being picked. Oh how I love my summers in Serbia ❤️

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Another day without using y=mx+b

Another day without using y=mx+b

It was one of those hot days, where every building seemed inflamed; touch their stone and you’ll feel the burn. People were either hiding in the shadows wishing for a draft that never came, or sipping cold drinks at some terraces where you could see sweat dripping from the waiters’ foreheads.

Despite it being a little town, it wasn’t the middle of nowhere… it was in Serbia. A country where my ancestors come from, where women are put together, even for the simplest hangout. So I wore a beautiful white linen dress, with a print of blue flowers. I went to the farmer’s market in that outfit, and for a moment, I felt stuck in a 50’s era movie, and I wish that feeling lasted longer.

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I hate seeing people from my past, I thought you was in hell

I hate seeing people from my past, I thought you was in hell

I can’t believe I’m a city girl… unless an insect gets in the way and then my scream reveals it to me.

Tending to a simple life where my main worry is which book am I gonna read today, or what vegetable should we harvest in the garden for lunch, or what’s the best time for me to go sunbathing, but ending up falling asleep because the sun rays are so gentle… then having my dog wake me up by laying his fat ass on top of me; what’s better than that. Well spoiler alert, not the city life.

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I’d survive Scream because I don’t answer the phone ever

I'd survive Scream because I don't answer the phone ever

I sat there between the cherry trees, smelling the freshly cut grass and blooming roses. I was reading yet another Greek tragedy… I’m so fond of those. My life hasn’t been as adventurous as Ulysses sailing the Ionian sees. I haven’t met no cyclopes, or witch-goddess, or even sirens. Or even had a mortal love. Those stories aren’t just tragedies, they’re so vibrant they make you feel alive.

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