AI portraits

AI portraits

This is the last post about Geekland on this Blog.

Back in the day, I was a huge geek… so into the DC Comics universe, Star Trek, all the horror movies, and what not, that I started blogging about it on here.

Then I started going to Comic Cons, and meeting cosplayers; and it took a whole other level in my life, when I began getting invites from notorious geek conventions like MCM London Comic Con, to report on them. I had my own website, now deleted – because after a couple of years, it was too much work just for me.

But because I’ve always had a space to geek out, I kept an instagram account, that I pretty much abandoned during Covid, and now I’m back on it ! Obviously, I am never gonna be like I used to be, because I’ve evolved and nowadays I focus on other things like photography, some video projects (which you will see more & more of).

If you are a geek at heart though, and love these fantasy AI-generated portraits of me, this is exactly the type of content you will find on Geeklandmag‘s page ! That, and whenever I’ll attend conventions, or movies. I’ll be basically sharing anything that I love, that’s geek-related.

So this isn’t really a goodbye to that side of me, you’ll find it somewhere else, where it’s specifically dedicated to it. xoxox

AI portraits
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GEEKLAND magazine

Follow my new adventure !Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 4.22.28 PM

I see a lot of you guys are still checking the geek posts on The Blog, and you might be wondering why I don’t publish those anymore ?

Well, it’s because I have founded my own online magazine where I post daily updates about all kinds of geek related news & content… lots of cosplay of course, it’s one of my fave things 😀 but also Star Wars, and LEGO, and video games, and comics, and comic cons, and etc !!

So if you’re missing these things from here, you can check them there :



Guys just so you know… I’m dying & this is not in any case my official review of the show. I’m just bored to death and I can’t sleep because I’m literally obsessing over the code of my new website *spoiler alert – it’s an online magazine for geeks, which I’ve been working on for the past couple of days* and I took a Silicon Valley break, because their episodes make me laugh and I need to relax… like I know what that word means anymore.


Anyway. It’s about 2am right now & I’ve been up since 8am, so approximately 18 hours without any sleep, and even though the need is there and I can so feel it, well, my brain won’t shut up and let me be at peace. Every time I close my eyes I can see the style sheet and while I got the HTML part right, I’m still struggling on CSS which is basically the most important, so I can’t think of anything else.


Unlike most of those Palo Alto dudes in the show, I’m more like Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti, sometimes I don’t know what the shit I’m doing and I definitively am not some mastermind like Richard Hendricks. But coding is fun, and I’d pick that up over gaming since it amuses me more; I’m still learning, over at Codecacademy mostly… I dropped out of Harvard CS50 course because I couldn’t deal with the homework. I’m a busy lazy ass who can’t get no time for stuff like these.


But yeah, what the hell… I just wrote a bunch of paragraphs for nothing, barely mentioned the show… listen folks, I love it okay. This is my conclusion to this fake-ass review. Every actor in it is great, watch it & get addicted to it. The writers are making some pretty awesome jokes, and I’m at my second re-watch and still enjoying 🙂 Go Pied Piper !



These are my top three favorite Silicon Valley moments from season 1 😀

I recommend this show to anyone who loves coding, programmers & all the tech talks. This show is hilarious and the writers have gone to great length to get it as accurate as possible… definitively better than The Big Bang Theory (not meaning to start a fandom war here, i’m also addicted to that series).

That moment when they tell you that your operating system is “Apple Maps bad”…

That moment when an angry dude is coming to beat you over the company’s name dispute…tumblr_n4eenbzLAd1trb5guo1_1280

That moment you realize programmers are like gangs…


I am so impatient for the next Star Wars movie release, Episode VII the FORCE AWAKEEENS !… that I have been binge watching some interesting and fun videos on YouTube, to keep me chill; these are three I wanted to share with you guys 😀

From this year’s San Diego Comic Con, a reel that shows some behind the scenes on how they been working on the set :

This fan-made Harrison Ford reaction to seeing the Star Wars Teaser #2 is just hilarious ! Blade Runner fans, you’ll enjoy this :

&Lastly, if you haven’t seen it yet, this is from that time Harrison Ford visited Jimmy Kimmel and got awkward with the Wookie on stage :