Darling, shine. That’s all.

I spend half of my free time at the Louvre museum
Louvre Museum

I haven’t been much present on this blog the past year… and it is in my resolutions to do much better for 2018; I did previously mention that I’ve been working on handling my online geek magazine more personally, and invest myself more in it & I’m really happy because the first month of January is down and I have managed to keep my personal plans up, without fail.

I will gradually follow up on my decisions, and I am very determined in not letting go. For those of you who want to see the changes unfolding, and are geek fans you can always check my geeklandmag.com site & enjoy my progress, I guess πŸ™‚ Also now that February is there, on Monday there’s going to be a new cover & editorial in which I will talk in details about cool “news”.

So you can definitely understand why I haven’t been here so much… because I was over there. But, even though I cannot just come back yet and start blogging like I used to, I will install from this month a routine I won’t drop. It will help me figure out time to do both things, and also there’s more than a couple things I photographed or filmed last year, and never got enough time to edit and share with you.

February and maybe even March, are going to be like big throwbacks for me, but for you it will be all new… plus you’ll get much more content, and I hope that will make you as excited as it makes me – and very soon, it’s going to be my official coming back party and I cannot wait for when that happens.

I was dealing with so much anxiety related to my sickness, for the past 2/3 years (which I will talk about later), that it’s challenging for me to show up and expose myself online again, but no matter how difficult this is for me it’s for my own good. It helps me to get out of my shell, to become stronger, more hardworking and those are the keys to pursue my dreams.
Louvre MuseumLouvre MuseumLouvre Museum

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Hey girl

My beautiful muse πŸ™‚

I decided to make a music video with my favorite model, without her wearing any makeup as to promote natural beauty. I thought it was nice of her to agree to be filmed because I know a lot of girls are self-conscious about being seen like this, but it’s important to learn to love yourself just the way you are : blemishes don’t matter, we’re beautiful and perfect, so screw what society & ill-intentioned people tell us !

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You can’t keep an angel down

Sunsets in L.A.
You can't keep an angel down

Tomorrow is my birthday… another year went by like it was nothing. I still haven’t achieved my dreams; at this point of my life I’m almost giving up on dreaming, it seems pointless. Wanting to do things that are much bigger than me, for the sake of something as innocent as creating and producing art sounds more impossible with each passing day.

But this year didn’t mean nothing to me… I got to be with the people that are dearest to my heart, some I hadn’t seen for years. It was a gift, a blessing even. I could go as far as saying a miracle for one particular person that I thought I’d never see again, and that impossibility made possible restored some hope and faith.

I never realized how important love and caring is until I was met with it unconditionally. It’s just a fleeting impression that I never want to go away because it’s the only thing keeping me afloat, driving me to become stronger and better. I never stopped loving that moment in time that shifted my life forever, I’ll never do.

I’ll always be chasing it in the back of my mind, even if the pain this past life brings me could kill me.
You can't keep an angel down

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Dailies 0042 | Serbia countryside

I miss the summer !

It was a normal “day in the life” type of afternoon… until a storm hit us unexpectedly; my grandma was in the vegetable garden while our pets were running around.

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Weekend vibes in Malibu

Point Dume
Weekend vibes in Malibu

The beaches of Malibu… they’re the best ones in California. I love to go on little hikes to Point Dume for the amazing views you can only see from up there. I sometimes even see sea lions ! You can actually notice a bunch of them in my pictures here, if you zoom in πŸ™‚
Weekend vibes in MalibuWeekend vibes in MalibuWeekend vibes in MalibuWeekend vibes in MalibuWeekend vibes in Malibu

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Dailies 0041 | Xmas 2017

Retro life

VHS vlog with my grandma & sisters during Christmas… we ate cake, went to Starbucks, had a nice walk in Paris and laughed a lot !

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Time for new adventures !

It’s crazy but 2017 has finally come to a close, it was a wild ride, I tried to figure a lot of things out and I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be a sleepless year as I’m getting my stuff together. I’m not the type of person to set out goals just because I don’t like planning my future, I prefer being surprised by what’s to come but I got this idea instead (from the blogger James Kicinski-McCoy) of coupling 10 things I’m obsessed about, or thinking of, or facts about myself… like, a little mixed bag of my current thoughts, ideas & faves.

  1. Working on my GEEKLAND magazine in 2017 proved me I could do it, so get ready because you’ll see a lot from me on there in 2018, as I’m taking it to the next level, it’s gonna be more personal & in-depth.
  2. I’m kind of fed upΒ with photography after nearly exclusively focusing on that for the past two years, I’m going back to filmmaking.
  3. I’m upping my fashion sense in 2018, getting the total LA-style look with some rock elements.
  4. I’m almost always scrolling over videos on social media; ain’t nobody got time for that.
  5. My sister & I are completely obsessing over Lil Pump‘s Gucci Gang song
  6. We decided to both get something Gucci because of it… πŸ˜‚
  7. I’ve studied “Music Theory” from Yale University, and was in a special music class from middle school through high school – this is the year I’m going back to my roots and showing people what I’m capable of.
  8. One of my biggest pet peeves are cotton pads, I literally can’t stand them.
  9. In other “weird facts you don’t want to know about me” I sweat when I’m cold… and I just found out Jennifer Lawrence shares the same issue.
  10. Already daydreaming about my come-back to the city of angels : it will be bomb, you’re not prepared ! 😜

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