7 movies that have marked me

I felt very connected to these storylines

I’m making a short list of movies that have marked me, from the story to the ambience and the acting… everything in the movies down below really kept my focus deeply interested from beginning to end, and they definitevely left something with me after watching them.

1. Black Swan, 2010

It’s about this wannabe “prima ballerina” who is obsessed with becoming so perfect in order to reach her almost impossible goal, that she’s actually losing her mind trying to achieve it. It gets darker and more intense as the movie unfolds, and it targets mental issues that I believe are more common than we’d like to admit.

2. Lovelace, 2013

I used to live in the Valley of Los Angeles for quite a while, and I adored it there, it has a reputation though and it’s nicknamed “Porn Valley” so obviously seeing pornstars casually getting Starbucks was not something I was unfamiliar with, although it was not as shady as it sounds… but I’ve always been interested in the behind the scenes of the porn industry, that’s why I checked this movie out. It’s really harsh and unpleasant what happens to Linda Lovelace, but it’s probably something everyone should watch.

3. The Wrestler, 2008

I’m a Mickey Rourke fan, and I was really excited when it was announced he would be the lead in this indie movie because it felt like for a while we didn’t get much of him on screen and he’s such a talented actor that he deserved something to measure up to his talent. This was a perfect fit for him in my opinion, he plays this washed out wrestler that has a couple of health and money issues, coupled with untraditional relations & breakdowns. It’s just a great movie, and it’s different from most.

4. Thirteen, 2003

I was actually thirteen years old when I saw this movie for the first time… so totally relatable, to a point. Evan Rachel Wood plays this Californian girl who’s got complicated issues to deal with for her young age, and obviously she starts acting out because she’s not able to handle things like an adult especially because the adults in her life are not the greatest example.

5. Monster, 2003

I think it’s after seeing this movie that my obsession with serial killers started… I was just so confused and scared of what a person can endure, act like, and come to be, that it was the beginning for me of trying to understand the minds of these so called people. I reckon that it’s unhealthy since it gives me nightmares, but somehow I can’t stop wondering why they are being so glamorized and have become such addictive topics to society.

6. The Virgin Suicides, 1999

This movie should be subtitled “the teenagehood depression”; Sofia Coppola is a mastermind at discerning teen angst and their feelings and accurately representing them. The Lisbon sisters are having what seems like at first, as quite a normal suburban life but in reality, behind the curtains it’s all kinds of wrong and it leads them to the ultimate sacrifice, which they prefer to keeping up any other way. It’s quite a shocking ending.

7. Into the Wild, 2007

I’m sure almost all of us at some point in our lives can relate to Emile Hirsch’s character. He’s fed up with society and its stubborn unbendable rules, he just wants to be free and exist for himself, and discover what life is really about. He goes on this road trip he’ll never be able to come back from, but at the end, even if it isn’t what he could have expected, he finally finds his answer.

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You’re my favorite person to go on adventures with

The most magical garden in Paris !
You're my favorite person to go on adventures with

My bestie came for a short visit to Paris, and since working together on photoshoots has really gone swell so far we decided to do a new set in a place we’ve never been before… she really is my favorite person to go on adventures with, because we always manage to discover new spots even in the cities we live in.

This botanical garden is called “Jardins des Serres d’Auteuil” and I literally fell in love there, it looks like an old 1920’s movie setting mixed with a Jurassic Park feeling ! Totally awesome & perfect for this… check her blog to learn more about the fashion of her outfit.
You're my favorite person to go on adventures withYou're my favorite person to go on adventures withYou're my favorite person to go on adventures withYou're my favorite person to go on adventures withYou're my favorite person to go on adventures withYou're my favorite person to go on adventures with

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Get to know me by watching these movies

These are the movies I’ve identified with the most

I picked six movies that I relate to a certain level, sometimes it’s just about the atmosphere not necesseraly the story, sometimes it’s more about the character’s feelings rather than what’s happening to them, but in all cases I’ve really felt close to what was depicted in my own way.

1. Martha Marcy May Marlene, 2011

I think everyone gets to have an interesting childhood to some degree; mine was weird mostly because there’s a whole bunch I just can’t seem to remember. It’s like I blacked out for most of it, and there’s this uneasy feeling about what actually happened to my life then. Which is why I relate to Martha in this movie, even her hallucinations and bursts.

2. Blue is the Warmest Color, 2013

I was a teenager going to high school when I fell in love for the first time, on sight… a bit like Adèle in the movie did. It was unexpected and definitevely not what I had imagined. It was something really special, and it changed what I thought of myself & the world forever.

3. Welcome to the Rileys, 2010

Mallory is kind of a runaway, we don’t know where she comes from and why she’s the way she is; which is the type of person I became after I left my first love. I couldn’t handle certain things so I just packed and left everything, even though I was still way too young for a life like that on the road. I was secretive, but I met great people who ultimately lead me back home.

4. To the Bone, 2017

This was the worst peak of my life – back home, I had to deal with my eating disorder. I looked like a ghost of myself, my parents in an attempt to help me get through it gave me the one thing they knew would make me happy : they sent me away to study abroad in Los Angeles, it had always been a dream of mine. I met my best friend there and we became like family to each other, stranded across the world in the strangest of cities together.

5. La La Land, 2016

Then I think I fell in love again… but who could say really. It was such a short-lived romance if I can call it that way, but in the midst & glamour of the city of angels it felt like magic. I had never felt so light and safe before, it didn’t need words. That’s when I realized that my heart belonged forever to LA, and that it had chosen this place because of that moment in time, as the only place that I could ever consider as my real home.

6. Paper Towns, 2015

Then the real life struggles hit me, which I wasn’t prepared for and did not want to take responsibility of. I realized that maybe I could never make my dreams come true, but I did not want to just give up and become the cliché that is anyone else I knew. I didn’t want to fit in, and be part of society the way it was demanded of me, I wanted to be free so I ran… and I’m still on the run. Like Margo, and my best friends are supporting me & they mean the world.

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Born to be wild

Another awesome set with my bestie !
Born to be wild

I’ve been busy working on my online magazine about the geek culture, you can check it out HERE. I’m like improving some things that I can’t really tell you yet about, but you can definitely notice the changes, they’ve been going on for about two weeks now. Once all that is good, I’m gonna have more time for photoshoots and travels ! Until then enjoy this new set of pictures taken in a greenhouse in Zurich, and read more about the fashion side on my model’s blog.
Born to be wildBorn to be wildBorn to be wildBorn to be wildBorn to be wildBorn to be wildBorn to be wildBorn to be wild

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Girls just wanna have sun

Sunny, warm LA
Girls just wanna have sun

Pictures from my beloved Santa Monica, where I find myself to pass by or hangout every single day when I am in the Los Angeles area. My best friend & I are practically in love with this city, it’s our favorite spot and were I wish I was right now, with him obviously. The last picture was taken on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, on a hot summery afternoon. You can see part of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, made famous by the movie Pretty Woman.
Girls just wanna have sunGirls just wanna have sun

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Sunshine on my mind

Palms, pier and the ocean
Sunshine on my mind

I love spending time in Malibu, the beaches there are absolutely gorgeous… the sign at the entrance of the city says “27 miles of scenic beauty” and it couldn’t be more right. It’s just the perfect description; that and the million-dollars villas, the expensive cars racing Pacific Coast Highway, the fanciest restaurants with magical views – I’m in love.
Sunshine on my mindSunshine on my mind

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CLINIQUE Pep-Start Eye Cream review

Liked it despite the final grade…

This is going to be a mixed-up feeling kinda review.

My eyes are super extra sensitive, they even get swollen and allergies from natural eye care products, which makes sense : pollen (amongst other). I always have to pay attention to what type of cream, oil or gel I’m getting for around that area & it’s a total nightmare. I love Clinique’s skincare line, I trust them, never had an issue with that brand, their stuff are dermatologically & ophthalmologically tested.

I know whatever I get from Clinique won’t give me allergies, which is a big plus. This eye cream is so light, it’s almost a gel and I do prefer gels in general, so it was just really nice and easy to apply. I liked that sensation and it moistured okay, my dehydration wrinkles didn’t go away for sure but the fine lines were blurred out overtime but definitively no new wrinkle-whatsoever appeared while I was using this.

Honestly, it did a good job on my dark circles. I’ve read reviews of people who didn’t notice a difference and I’m sure it has to do with the fact that we all have a different skin, so what works for me might not work for someone else, but I saw the effect on me and I would totally get that “pep-start” they were talking about, my eyes looked more refreshed and it was lightly enjoyable because physically noticeable.

Now the things that I didn’t like and became a deal breaker for me are the following….

First, I hated the tube it came in. Like, there’s this stupid ball pit that you gotta open up with your thumb so you can squeeze some cream out through it, and it’s impossible to get all the cream towards the end because it just gets stuck in there and it’s a waste of product. Supposedly, you have to use that ball on your eyes & dark circles, I didn’t because it’s made of plastic and weird.

The second thing I hated, because it made my mornings a little more annoying : unless I used a tiny bit of the cream around the area, the least possible for hydration purposes, and waited for it to dry out completely, I couldn’t do my eye makeup because it would get completely smudgy and disgusting. I don’t like not moisturizing my eye area enough, because it’s so dry but I couldn’t have it my way.

Lastly, it’s just not moisturizing enough for me and since that’s what I actually need this isn’t a good fit. Even though overall it can be a good cream, the tube is almost like a toy in my opinion and better for people who don’t have dry skin like me, or fine lines. Maybe for some teenagers, just to get started on eye care.

GRADE 3/5 I wouldn’t recommend it, unless it was a young person who didn’t really need much moisture since it does give that “pep-start” look and help with dark circles. I have a very dry skin all over, so obviously this wasn’t right for me, I still enjoyed the texture and the light effect it had.

PRICE 0.5 oz | 15 ml 26.50$

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