What camera do you use ?
I’m currently exclusively using my iPhone 12 Pro Max for pictures & videos. But, I might buy a new cool camera for my birthday, so we’ll see what I choose…

What softwares do you edit your pictures with ?
I edit with iPhone apps like VSCO, or the not-so-basic-anymore Photos.

What are your favorite places ?
I love Santa Monica for hanging out, there’s always cool things happening on Third Street Promenade. I like spending time on the beaches in Malibu. But my biggest love is Paris, when the weather is nice though.

What are you favorite fashion brands ?
I swing between a couple apparel retailers, like Levi’s & Ralph Lauren, and some high end luxury accessories brands… but you can see all of what I’m wearing by going to the Style section of my blog.

What are your favorite beauty brands ?
I’m constantly looking for new skincare and makeup to try out, I don’t really have all-time favorites. So instead, explore the Beauty category on this blog, to see what I’m loving right now.

What kind of diet do you follow ?
I try to eat as healthy and organic as possible. I’m avoiding meat if I can, so mostly a pescatarian diet.

What sports do you practice ?
I like to start my mornings with at-home fitness exercises, and I’ll do some light yoga or meditation before bed. I also like to take my bike for rides in the woods.

What are your projects in the near future ?
I’d like to focus on making more movies, whether they are short films or videos on TikTok.