What cameras do you use ?
I have a Leica V-LUX (Typ 114), a Nikon D3300 and an iPhone 6s.

What softwares do you edit your pictures with ?
On computer I use Adobe Lightroom, on my iPhone mostly VSCO.

Where have you traveled ?
In Europe I have visited England, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania and Montenegro. I’m from France & often go to Serbia to see my family. In the US, I’ve only been to California & Nevada and a pit-stop in Chicago.

What are your favorite places ?
I love Santa Monica for hanging out, there’s always things happening on Third Street Promenade. I like chilling on the beaches in Malibu. In Europe my biggest love is Paris.

What are you favorite fashion brands ?
Half of my closet is Brandy Melville. I have some Levi’s pieces and get Victoria’s Secret for my undies. I’m a basic person, I’m not a shopping addict.

What are your favorite beauty brands ?
I’m a huge beauty products shopper, I’m constantly looking for new skincare to try out. My favorites are from Fresh, Ole Henriksen & Clinique.

What kind of diet do you follow ?
I’m on a gluten-casein free diet. I eat mostly Paleo.

What sports do you practice ?
I like to go swimming and cycling, and I do some light fitness exercises.

What are your projects in the near future ?
I’d like to focus on making more movies, whether they are short films or music videos, or experimental art projects.

Why aren’t comments enabled ?
I can’t read proof comments due to a busy schedule. This is to prevent negativity from online bullies.