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I first reported this issue about 10 hours ago on Twitter… impossibility to access the website on any of my devices, whether it was iPad, iPhone, Macbook or Windows computer. I checked my internet connection which was fine, everything else was working as usual, cleared out my browser history, the cache and cookies, updated the apps on iPad / iPhone / Windows desktop, but none of that worked… whether trying to access it from the app or internet, it wouldn’t come through.

I checked back on Twitter, it has become my main since Facebook is down; there’s the hashtag #facebookdown that y’all can lookup for updates about this if you want, and I noticed at first this was a problem happening in Serbia especially…
Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.11.35 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.17.13 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.38.26 AMI don’t know what the hell is happening here… Facebook of course ain’t commenting on this issue, the medias neither, I checked the news and found jack shit. I read through some more tweets & found out this was also happening in Germany (guys, I’m vacationing in Serbia so I feel you, stay strong !)

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.17.47 AMSomeone made a map (I don’t know how accurate this is but I’m sharing anyway) of where Facebook is down since the 20th July… we’re 21st July today, it’s starting to feel like a heck lots of time, without any answers about it or anything. If you can’t join me on Facebook & Messenger since yesterday is ’cause of this whole mess. There’s still my Twitter @iconamerica & e-mail madisonkennedy@mail.com for that. Some people already made up theories about this, blaming the usual ISIS or the Apocalypse… I am blaming Facebook, because this is something they should be able to fix, I don’t really care who crashed it, even though to whoever did it : you’re a stupid ass and I hate you.

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Do not read if you’re going to see it… and GO SEE IT !

ANT-MAN -★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

I went to the theater on Thursday 16th (a day before the official US release) to watch Ant-Man in 3D. I was super excited, the last MARVEL Universe movie was Avengers : Age of Ultron – totally badass by the way, I do not care what some negative critics said, it was flawless !

Which was in May… a little more than two months later, and it’s finally time for the much anticipated Ant-Man. After seeing the trailer the first time, I was like “what ? how are they gonna pull this off, without it looking super dorky ?” well… after seeing it, I can tell you : it is SUPER DORKY ! But damn guys, it was just great ! My mind was like “wow cool !” after Scott Lang aka. Ant-Man shrinked, and we started to see our world from his sight, which was awesome.


A bit of history here for the non-geeks, or people who are unfamiliar with this character’s background, created amongst other by the genius Stan Lee (by the way, yes, he appears is in the movie : how could we possibly go without a cameo of his in a Marvel). His first appearance in the comics was in 1962, and the original Ant-Man was Doctor Pym, this guy discovered a chemical substance he named “Pym particle” which allowed him to shrink to the size of an ant. Not only that, but he shared with his girlfriend and she became the Wasp.

Not many people know this, but Ant-Man and Wasp are very important in the Avengers timeline. They are the founding members, they were part of Avengers since the beginning ! THE FREAKING ORIGINAL AVENGERS IS THEM ! (Plus Iron Man, Thor and Hulk… nope, Captain America was a later recruit). And do you want to learn something else mind-blowing about Doctor Pym ? It was NOT Iron Man who created Ultron, it was ANT-MAN ! YAAASSSSS ANT-MAN AKA. DR PYM MADE BADASS ULTRON !


Now you get my excitation, why I was craving to see this movie. It represents so much more than what you can tell from the short trailer they made. For an Avengers fan like I am, it’s a new Avenger character basically that I was expecting. The best part of this whole thing, is we actually got another one… as seen in the after credits scene, Wasp is to be featured in the next Ant-Man movie ? Marvel already announced it / they “will come back” (yaaaaaaaaaa *breathe, try to calm down… nope* aaaaaaasssssss !)

My opinion is biased 100% but… it was so good ! I just enjoyed every bits of it ! It was literally like watching a comic book / graphic novel made into a feature film. I know what you must be thinking, it’s the point of all superheroes movies, but this one more than any other Marvel Universe movie, felt to me like it had something dorkier about it… like we was back to the origins, which are comic books. I can’t explain it, but it was better than expected for sure.


The best moments were the fighting scenes, I was “oh oh oh… this is cool” Ant-Man was like on fire ! Shrinking, back to his normal size, shrinking again… fighting them dudes and looking freaking amazing ! &The use of ants was brilliant, I got so impressed of those tiny bugs, that now ants are my new idols 😛 The most wondrous part was when Ant-Man went subatomic to destroy Yellowjacket HOLY SHEEEET ! He disappeared in a Quantum Realm where time and space meant nothing anymore, he was to be lost for an eternity, but his bravery, love for his daughter, and ingenuity got him outta there & even Doctor Pym was impressed.

There is reference of Doctor Pym’s enmity towards Stark, reason why they didn’t call the Avengers to help them save the world… it’s Hydra who’s messing around with Yellowjacket on this one (I know, big shocker… *sarcasm*). Ant-Man was insane, he went to the Avengers Compound and fought with Falcon, and defeated him to steal a device in order to stop the end of the world… wow WHAT ! It was super fun ! I still can’t believe (but I do… Ant-Man is a boss) he beat a current Avengers member : if that doesn’t win him a ticket in, then I don’t know what will.


STAY UNTIL THE END There’s two after credits scenes, and I know it takes forever until it’s done, but it’s so much worth it, I almost peed my pants how surprised and happy I was to see CAPTAIN AMERICAAAAAA ! (OMG DAT ASS) It’s Civil War related, and we get an exclusive look at Bucky Barnes aka. the Winter Soldier who looks… kind of terrible. Conclusion to this movie, is Marvel did it ! It is absolutely not disappointing, it’s dynamic and entertaining and funny, and I LOVED IT 😀 I LOVE YOU MARVEL Thanks for making these epic stuff !



Taken by one talented photographer, David Love 🙂 His work is stunning and I definitively recommend to check it, the pictures are fantastic !




Cosplayers in this post are : Ashe Iverk, Dahlia ThomasDanny CozplayEllei Marie, Handsome Jordan CosplayHeather 1337, and Misdreavus M Cosplay


… and this is how a geek loses her mind ! Big time fan of DC Comics, I couldn’t wait to see what they had prepared to show at San Diego Comic Con this year, and I am not disappointed. The Batman v Superman trailer got me like damn, and I probably just died watching the Suicide Squad one… holy shit the Joker 😀 I screamed my lungs out for both. I am not normal I admit it, but this is so much awesomeness OMG !!






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*attention to all readers : much excitement in the following post*

YAAASSSSS !!! ANT-MAN IN 3D this Thursday at 3:20 PM !! I just got my ticket guys 😀 and most importantly, I was the first one to GET IT !

I kept refreshing, & refreshing & refreshing the page… much like they did it in The Big Bang Theory below :

and I know what you might think, that it is not my proudest moment behaving like this ? well WRONG ! I’m so pumped & proud of myself I GOT THE FIRST TICKET OF THE NEXT DAY !

Guys listen, I missed the chance to go to the premiere which is Wednesday night at 8pm. It was all fully booked = zero tickets left ! 😦 *crying* Since then, I have been refreshing the movie theater’s page for 2 days totally crazed… only so I can get a good seat. Because this is important to me ! I literally live for this ! I want my MARVEL ANT-MAN EXPERIENCE TO BE THE BEST ! I’ve been waiting for this movie since its announcement, I JUST NEED THIS SO MUCH !

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The premiere got sold out in like minutes, & I wasn’t even aware they would release it on the 15th July, since the US release is scheduled for the 17th. But I checked the movie theater’s page anyway, four days prior to the 17th, you know, just to make sure I’d be between the first ones to get a ticket for it…. ONLY to realize, they were releasing it on the 15th and it was already too late for me !

I swear I screamed the biggest hellish NOOOOOOOOO ever : my grandma who was around got the creeps ! so I kept refreshing, & refreshing & refreshing since then, to at least get a good seat for the next day… and fucking A, I did it ! Being the first to book it, is something I’ll carry with me as geek achievement, since there’s only two movie theaters in Belgrade who are showing this movie in its best quality, and the one I am going to has the biggest screen. I can’t wait to see it, I might review it, I’m super excited !! woohoooo for Ant-Man !