It’s hitting midnight as I’m writing the editorial for the second
issue of Geekland magazine and thinking… guys, this is becoming
more and more real ! I can’t believe it yet… I guess I’m gonna
need a couple more months until I truly digest all of this. For now
it’s a lot of fun ! The launch of this online mag is one of the most
enjoyable thing I’ve done in my life.

Now it’s time for some clarity though, regarding the publication.
What you can see published on my blog is just like a preview, a smaller
part of the real magazine. Where can you get the entire content of the
magazine then ? Not on this blog.

It will be available for digital download soon ! On
the iBooks store, for Macintosh users only. A bundle of the first
three issues coupled together will be released as Collector’s Edition.
Each issue will have over 50 pages of geek news, cosplay pictures, gaming,
movies and tv shows reviews, tips and much more; while on this blog, you
get about 15 pages of what you can find in the mag – which isn’t a lot 😛
If you’re a true geek, you should definitively get the Collector’s
when it’ll be available.

Think of all the full size cosplay pictures… you could never see them
that way published on this blog 😛 There’s other bonuses included to
getting the digital downloadable version of the magazine, but I’ll tell
you more about it when it actually is up for you to get it. Until then,
enjoy a partial content of the mag published on here & GEEK ON !

xoxox, Madison Kennedy