Do birds ever fly or are they always on some kind of mission

I want summer to be there already #throwback

Do birds ever fly for fun or are they always on some kind of mission

I have some remaining pictures of my vacation to Crete to share… but WordPress has changed their desktop features, and it’s really annoying now. It took me a while to make a simple post, like I used to. I tried to switch to the “classic” layout, but it has disappeared. Well, old school was much better.

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Me talking to a psychic : can you please tell me what I want ?

Sunsets in Crete are somewhat magical ✨

Me talking to a psychic : can you please tell me what I want ?

This is the sunset / night set I was talking to you about, in one of my previous post. This is Plakias beach, and I fell in love with the views there ! It’s one of the windiest city in Crete, and it also has the best restaurant on the island in my opinion.

We dined at the GioMa Taverna, and I had pasta with seafood and it was seriously the most amazing I’ve had in my entire life… I’m not even exaggerating. I’m dying to come back to this place, for all of the feels. 💞

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Me always : who ??????????

Last evening in Crete

Me always : who ??????????

But not the last of my pictures… I still have a couple to share 😊

The memories are flashing back, this was one of the most incredible trips I’ve had, and I’m so thankful I got to share it with my love. We truly enjoyed our adventures there, and we wish to come back for more.

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I love to purchase items… but at what cost

Many places of Crete

I love to purchase items... but at what cost

It’s a melting pot of pictures in this post…

The first bit we’re at the Miramare Resort, in Agios Nikolaos. The second bit we’re visiting Lake Kournas, which was a dreamy place. And for the last, we’re at Kavos Hotel, not too far from Chania, and we swung by Seitan Limani for another crazy hike down the hill to get to a paradise beach. Unfortunately, I have no pictures from it since we left our things in the car. But trust me when I say, it’s the most beautiful beach I’ve seen in Crete.

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I can’t believe we’ve finally made it to December, thirty years after 2020 started

By the highway

I can't believe we've finally made it to December, thirty years after 2020 started

On our way Chania we saw this gorgeous cove all the way from the main road and stopped the car there. It looked so peaceful, the water was cristal clear… we were stunned by this discovery.

We were the only ones at this place, so naturally my boyfriend went for a swim ! As you will see on the pictures. He truly enjoyed this piece of paradise to himself, while I was watching over from the sunny coast.

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