Remember to live while you’re busy surviving

Mornings & evenings like these…

Remember to live while you're busy surviving
I’ve been enjoying myself since my vacation started… I’m so happy to be back in Serbia ! I’m taking a little bit of time off The Blog, but it’s for a good cause – not only am I gonna be better rested, but I have many ideas for my projects that I need to sort out. Big kisses, and stay tuned !

Remember to live while you're busy survivingRemember to live while you're busy survivingRemember to live while you're busy survivingRemember to live while you're busy survivingRemember to live while you're busy surviving

Sunny & Cloudy LA

This city is always beautiful and magical
Sunny LA

Hello from Los Angeles you guys… I know, it’s been a while since I have been to my favorite city in the world, the only place where I truly feel like home. One morning in Paris, I just woke up and thought to myself “why am I here ? I want to go home” and basically booked a plane ticket and was leaving three days later; yeah, I’m that impulsive. This trip is exactly what I need right now, so I am enjoying every single second of it.
Cloudy LA

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Adamson House in Malibu

Californian afternoon

A couple pictures of the Adamson House in Malibu, from the courtyard. It has a beautiful Mediterranean Revival-style architecture. You can get these pictures from my store on 500px : click here

© Photography by Madison Kennedy

Adamson House in MalibuAdamson House in MalibuAdamson House in Malibu

Inside Kourt K’s house

In love with interior designHelloSnapchat 👻 mads.kennedy

As I’m growing older, I’m finding myself into new hobbies and interests. Interior design being one of them, I’m becoming slowly obsessed with it. I really like looking at pictures or videos of celebrities homes, and how they decorated it; I find it inspiring and beautiful.

I wanted to share in this post, Kourtney Kardashian’s house in Calabasas, which is absolutely gorgeous. Her interior designer is Martyn Lawrence Bullard, and he definitively worked to make an elegant, modern yet classic touch for her home. It’s very comfy and chill looking, and I really like the colors and pattern vibes they selected together.

Living room
Office & master bedroom
Kid’s bedroom & play room
Kid’s nursery & guest room
Entry & dining room
The pool
Photo credit : Architectural Digest

The Vlog Diaries – Scary walk home

Taking the trash out in the middle of the night, by my lone self, when I live in the countryside and everything screams “horror movie setting” wasn’t my best idea yet…

© Video by Madison Kennedy

The Vlog Diaries – Big bad storm ?

Follow my adventure of the day ! I was trying to get a good shot of the thunder, from a big bad storm that the weather channel said coming… but, did that really happen ?

© Video by Madison Kennedy