I be like “I’m fine” then I shake my leg 160 mph

I be like "I'm fine" then I shake my leg 160 mph

Taking pictures, or even posting them, is definitely not the most challenging part in the photography process…

What’s the worst is actually editing ! I’ve hated editing since I started getting into photography, and then later on when I tried myself to videos, it totally made me abandon my pursuits. Because in the filmmaking industry, or even the video content platforms that you find online, everything is basically centered around the editing process. Which is a bummer for a chaotic mind like mine.

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My money don’t jigle jigle, it’s gone

My money don't jigle jigle, it's gone

“Finally home !” was exactly what I said when I reached the doorstep… I can still hear my little doggies, and Grandma screaming of joy. The whole neighborhood heard me come in. It had been a while, it felt so good to see this beautiful orange-colored house again.

My Grandma has a beautiful garden, it’s surrounded by hills and trees. All that nature brings me such comfort. I’m disconnecting from my Parisian life here. Just trying to be one with the elements of Earth, and the nice people who are farmers, and who know about the miracle of harvesting what was given to us. But there’s also so much respect in that, and love. Lots of love for the animals as well, who are giving it back. It’s an amazing circle of life.

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Disney made it such a big deal to turn 16, I turned 16 and my life went to sh*t

Disney made it such a big deal to turn 16, I turned 16 and my life went to sh*t

Guys, I am so annoyed right now… I downloaded the new Lightroom, to up my editing game. I used to have it many years ago, but my version was outdated and just not working. So I switched to their new plan, and of course had to learn how to use it. Spent three days doing so… just to realize how shitty iPhone pictures actually are.

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One of the biggest things going on globally is that I am overwhelmed by emails.

One of the biggest things going on globally is that I am overwhelmed by emails.

In the meantime that I’m editing my pictures from The Alps, check these that I took since the start of this new year… mostly sunsets, food and flowers ! Which is my usual jam. Enjoy my sightings 😊

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It’s officially been over a week

The first day of Spring was spent at home… due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I’ve been confined since last Thursday, this is day 8 for me.

I got sick just before finding out on the news about a possible contamination of the population, from a virus named Covid-19. It felt as if we were living through a lousy apocalyptic scenario, but it was all true.

My doctor asked me to stay confined before the government of this country made it mandatory. I was put on sick leave for about a week before things with the world started to get really bad… my doctor was protecting me.

He said that people with a fragile condition, such as mine, are better off at home, away from whatever might come. I haven’t lived a normal day since. But I’m keeping myself busy and optimistic.

I get to read more, draw a little, complete some puzzles, get some fitness exercises done, and most importantly, keep in touch with my family & friends since we’re apart. I’m lucky enough to be confined with the love of my life. I couldn’t bear this without him by my side.