Adulthood probably the worst hood I’ve ever lived in. Very ghetto here.

I’m excited for what’s to come !

Beautiful windy Panormos

Hello everyone, I see a lot of recent views on my blog… I honestly wonder why because I haven’t been really posting, but I take it as a good thing since I was thinking of sharing some new media with you.

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Let’s start a book club !

Reading is dreaming with eyes wide open

Views during quarantine

With this Covid-19 pandemic, and the quarantine shenanigans, I’ve started reading regularly again. I mean, I had to find some activities to pass the time, and this is one of them.

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If you’re so smart then riddle me tits

Sunsets are magic happening ☀️

If you're so smart then riddle me tits

Seeing the sun disappear in the endless water surrounding us on this little island that Crete is, was such a beautiful experience. The colors were fantastic and I wished for that moment to never end, which is why I immortalised it on camera. So I can have the souvenir of that feeling, of that perfect evening with my love, forever.

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My toxic trait is buying whatever I want when I’ve had a bad day

I love wearing hats 😊

My toxic trait is buying whatever I want when I've had a bad day

My boyfriend takes wonderful portraits of me ! Props to him 💞

We’re here in Heraklion, Crete. On our way to the Rocca a Mare Fortress. We were supposed to reach the light house by sunset, but didn’t manage… it is quite a long road over the sea, about two km on foot. And we had many stops because the views were absolutely fantastic. Next time, we’ll go until the end of it ! #BucketList ✨

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Do birds ever fly or are they always on some kind of mission

I want summer to be there already #throwback

Do birds ever fly for fun or are they always on some kind of mission

I have some remaining pictures of my vacation to Crete to share… but WordPress has changed their desktop features, and it’s really annoying now. It took me a while to make a simple post, like I used to. I tried to switch to the “classic” layout, but it has disappeared. Well, old school was much better.

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