“This, Madame, is Versailles.”

“This, Madame, is Versailles.”

Cotton candy skies welcomed me in France…

I hate winter, so whenever it’s sunny out, you best believe I’m gonna be out as well. Gotta soak that vitamin D as much as possible in this dark land. I went there with my best friend, who was visiting from Switzerland. Gosh I always miss her so much, I have the best talks & hangouts with her; you don’t need a therapist when you have an amazing bestie.

The palace was so pretty that day, I’ve been here a million times, but never with this type of weather. I was definitely enchanted. The winds were ruthless though, which is why we didn’t go too far out, it was freezing. 💗

“This, Madame, is Versailles.”
“This, Madame, is Versailles.”
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Oneiroi, Director’s Cut – found footage

This is one of my first short films I made, back in the day when I had dreams of becoming a filmmaker and was living in Los Angeles. This movie was made in 2013, and for some reason we did two edits…

I had the first one short, made by a friend who already knew how to edit. Then I made my own, which I titled so humbly “Director’s Cut’ it was twice the length, but for some reason the people I ended up showing this little flick to, enjoyed the longer version better.

Then I don’t really know what happened, but I lost the movie file in one of my hard drives, and the download website where I had stored it, had deleted it. I thought I would never see my version again, until today… I stumbled upon it, exactly where I thought : one of my old hard drives.

So if you have the patience to watch this old thing, that was made without any means or actual budget, and is frankly quite hilarious to see how we managed to do anything for the story, then please, enjoy !

AI portraits

AI portraits

This is the last post about Geekland on this Blog.

Back in the day, I was a huge geek… so into the DC Comics universe, Star Trek, all the horror movies, and what not, that I started blogging about it on here.

Then I started going to Comic Cons, and meeting cosplayers; and it took a whole other level in my life, when I began getting invites from notorious geek conventions like MCM London Comic Con, to report on them. I had my own website, now deleted – because after a couple of years, it was too much work just for me.

But because I’ve always had a space to geek out, I kept an instagram account, that I pretty much abandoned during Covid, and now I’m back on it ! Obviously, I am never gonna be like I used to be, because I’ve evolved and nowadays I focus on other things like photography, some video projects (which you will see more & more of).

If you are a geek at heart though, and love these fantasy AI-generated portraits of me, this is exactly the type of content you will find on Geeklandmag‘s page ! That, and whenever I’ll attend conventions, or movies. I’ll be basically sharing anything that I love, that’s geek-related.

So this isn’t really a goodbye to that side of me, you’ll find it somewhere else, where it’s specifically dedicated to it. xoxox

AI portraits
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“You’re not done with L.A. until L.A. is done with you.” Philip Elliott

“You’re not done with L.A. until L.A. is done with you.” Philip Elliott

I am gonna miss you so dearly LA !

But it is time to go back to Paris, and work on my digital presence… whatever that means.

The Blog will be on a break for a couple of weeks, for various reasons : jet lag, post-vacation rest, trying to re-adjust to my Parisian life, festivities I need to attend, and updating the last few websites I was meant to… with hopefully a coherent schedule for myself, as well. So, lots of things.

I will be posting again in a month, from Monday 16th January. See you then, and enjoy the holiday season with your family & friends !

I’m so glad I’ve met you, Los Angeles

I'm so glad I've met you, Los Angeles

This trip to LA made me realize that I have the potential of turning around my life if I want to. Not saying that it’s an easy task, but that it’s a possibility, if I want it. Knowing that gives me confidence, and hopefulness.

I definitely noticed that my skills were still intact, I still know how to write, draw, sing, make a video or edit pictures the way I feel them… I thought I’d lost that.

I need to figure out a way to stay in touch with me, while away from LA, because it’s gonna be tough to feel this good and enlightened when I’m back in Paris. Life is just so much different there, and I’m a truly LA girl at heart, so that’s harsh for me.

I have new limits I didn’t know about, that I can’t cross anymore. I’m looking forward to how I’m gonna re-invent a new life for myself, because that’s what I need in order to feel better.

I'm so glad I've met you, Los Angeles
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