Adulthood probably the worst hood I’ve ever lived in. Very ghetto here.

I’m excited for what’s to come !

Beautiful windy Panormos

Hello everyone, I see a lot of recent views on my blog… I honestly wonder why because I haven’t been really posting, but I take it as a good thing since I was thinking of sharing some new media with you.

I’ve been basically away for a couple of years, and I did try a few comebacks; as some of you know, it went well (& there’s irony for you, by the way). So I’m not gonna say this is one of those “comebacks”. I’m just gonna say hello, and tell you go ahead & browse through my blog as much as you wish. 

But maybe yes. You will see more of me !

Oh ! and I’ve discovered that now I can even share songs directly in a post… which I love because music has always been important to me. Plus, I’ll have a playlist of that on the right sidebar, so go look for it; this is giving me MySpace feels, for those who remember.

Laughing on the Outside, Bernadette Carroll

See you soon. 

Beautiful windy Panormos

*Pictures taken by my boyfriend, in Panormos, Crete (Greek island).