These past two years have been the longest decade ever.

These past two years have been the longest decade ever.

Hi everyone 😊 I just came back from my vacation skiing in The Alps, and guess what… I’m sick ! Which means I have to stay home for a couple days, and since I’m bored, I’m gonna edit some of my pictures taken there and share them with you.

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Adulthood probably the worst hood I’ve ever lived in. Very ghetto here.

I’m excited for what’s to come !

Beautiful windy Panormos

Hello everyone, I see a lot of recent views on my blog… I honestly wonder why because I haven’t been really posting, but I take it as a good thing since I was thinking of sharing some new media with you.

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My toxic trait is buying whatever I want when I’ve had a bad day

I love wearing hats 😊

My toxic trait is buying whatever I want when I've had a bad day

My boyfriend takes wonderful portraits of me ! Props to him 💞

We’re here in Heraklion, Crete. On our way to the Rocca a Mare Fortress. We were supposed to reach the light house by sunset, but didn’t manage… it is quite a long road over the sea, about two km on foot. And we had many stops because the views were absolutely fantastic. Next time, we’ll go until the end of it ! #BucketList ✨

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Do birds ever fly or are they always on some kind of mission

I want summer to be there already #throwback

Do birds ever fly for fun or are they always on some kind of mission

I have some remaining pictures of my vacation to Crete to share… but WordPress has changed their desktop features, and it’s really annoying now. It took me a while to make a simple post, like I used to. I tried to switch to the “classic” layout, but it has disappeared. Well, old school was much better.

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I love to purchase items… but at what cost

Many places of Crete

I love to purchase items... but at what cost

It’s a melting pot of pictures in this post…

The first bit we’re at the Miramare Resort, in Agios Nikolaos. The second bit we’re visiting Lake Kournas, which was a dreamy place. And for the last, we’re at Kavos Hotel, not too far from Chania, and we swung by Seitan Limani for another crazy hike down the hill to get to a paradise beach. Unfortunately, I have no pictures from it since we left our things in the car. But trust me when I say, it’s the most beautiful beach I’ve seen in Crete.

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