Let’s do a little Q&A 🤗

Crete, Greece
*Photos from Crete, in Greece 🇬🇷

I used to do these, back in the day… and they were kinda fun ! I’d find Q&A online, or even get some questions via emails, and I’d just compile those and answer on my blog. I’m feeling nostalgic, so let’s do a quick one again !

Where do you like to vacation ?
You probably already know that one, but it’s on Crete island in Greece. I don’t need to explain why, it’s self-explanatory, especially if you read my blog 😅. Besides that, my favorite vacay is always just seeing the fam & friends, which are scattered between the USA, Switzerland and Serbia !

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Na eiste kala !

Na eiste kala !

Three years ago we completely fell in love with this island 🤍 🇬🇷

And we’ve been back every year since ! So this is our third… we’re still obsessed with Crete, and the Cretan people are some of the nicest, most generous we’ve met through our different travels. We just love their vibe !

The first thing we do upon arrival at the airport, is get our car and start the road trip right away. We drive fast, until a beautiful little beach, or cove catches our sight, and we make our stop there : take off all of our airplane clothes, and jump in the sea 🌊

Trust me, it is the best feeling ever. Since we travel there in August / September, the water is so warm, you don’t even have to wait for your skin to get adjusted. It’s the perfect temperature. After that first little (or longer) swim, we go for lunch… and oh my gosh, how nice it is to have a proper Greek salad, with dakos ! Cretans offer some dessert or fruit when you ask for the bill, and a little digestive; ouzo and raki are the most common ones.

The feeling of being wholly disconnected from our stressful Parisian lives, barely an hour after landing… and the freedom the car gets us is unmatchable. It’s just smiles & adventures now, for two weeks ☀️

Na eiste kala !
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A taste of Italy at EATALY 😊

A taste of Italy at EATALY

EATALY is a famous marketplace chain, with restaurants inside !

My sister & I met again for lunch (this is becoming a series for us 😅). We were in the mood for Italian food, and since we were at the BHV we thought to ourselves, let’s go to Eataly since it’s close-by. I am not a fan of these food chain places, but they do serve occasionally good things, also I happen to know that they have a fair wine selection here.

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An Italian restaurant filled with bottles !

My absolute favorite Italian restaurant !

I have already shared this place with you guys, but never reviewed it for my “Food” category (click to see all related posts). So here we go !

I actually celebrated my 32nd birthday there last year… my boyfriend made me discover this place the first time around, and we then became usuals. Whenever I craved some good Italian food, this was the place I wanted to be.

Not only is their food made from scratch every day, even the pasta is freshly made in the morning and not store-bought, but their Neapolitan-style pizzas are completely decadent. NB : You gotta eat them fast so they remain hot ! That’s the best way to have it.

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Watching Twilight in my head because I know it by heart

Watching Twilight in my head because I know it by heart

Last post on my Switzerland trip !

Oh my gosh, I’m so nostalgic… I’ve literally had the best time. I mean it was beautiful, the mountain sightings were breathtaking ! My best friend took me to see some amazing things I will never forget. The air was so pure up there, it was delightful to feel connected to nature like this, and appreciate its wonders.

I’m hoping I can go to her again soon, I know she’ll come visit me in Paris, but I want another Swiss road trip ! Let’s pray that my recovery speeds up and well 🙏

Watching Twilight in my head because I know it by heart
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