Let’s start a book club !

Reading is dreaming with eyes wide open

Views during quarantine

With this Covid-19 pandemic, and the quarantine shenanigans, I’ve started reading regularly again. I mean, I had to find some activities to pass the time, and this is one of them.

I had forgotten how much I liked reading… it’s been a delight. Especially while seating outside, and soaking some sun, no matter the temperatures.

But now that things have kinda come back to a sort of new normal, I have those “busy weeks” piling up and there’s days on end when I don’t find the time for a read. Which actually upsets me.

But I also know that if I set a small goal, like a book club, to share my reads with you every month or so, then it can totally motivate me to find the time for it : which is exactly what I need, and which is why I’ve decided to do this.

Okay, so here’s how it’s gonna work. I give you a book to read and basically a month to finish it. I do write a small review under the selected book, so you’re free to read that before or after having read the said book. And then onto the next one ! Exciting uh ? Yes !

I highly encourage you to follow my lead with this, and share your thoughts by sending me directly an e-mail.

See you ! xoxox

*Picture above taken by my boyfriend