I love you LA ! You b*tch !

I love you LA ! You b*tch !

Sunsets and car drives hit different in LA…

It’s like no matter where you look, life is filtered to fit an amazing film. I just love being here so much because I’m at peace. It doesn’t matter what I say or do, being crazy hopeful is normal, it’s the way of an Angeleno life. My creativity skyrockets in these conditions.

This short vacay is exactly what I needed ❤️

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It’s October already ?? What’s next ? November ???

It's October already ?? What's next ? November ???

When I went to visit my best friend in Switzerland, where she’s been living for many years now… I never expected that a little road trip would turn out so gorgeous. The views on the mountains while cruising, were absolutely astounding. It was completely breathtaking, and I understood so very well, why my bestie moved here.

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The only exercise I be doing is jumping to conclusions

The only exercise I be doing is jumping to conclusions

I am gonna take a week off blogging after this post 😊
I have some health issues I need to deal with, and I need to rest for the time being as well.

So here’s a reverse walk in Belgrade, when my best friend came to visit. Follow us from sunset to morning, while we explore this gorgeous city. Also wanted to share that my editing got better on Lightroom (on desktop), and I find it more practical and less time consuming. I use presets that I alter, and I definitely need to invest in some new ones, because I basically only have six so far. But they’re already giving great results !

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I be like “I’m fine” then I shake my leg 160 mph

I be like "I'm fine" then I shake my leg 160 mph

Taking pictures, or even posting them, is definitely not the most challenging part in the photography process…

What’s the worst is actually editing ! I’ve hated editing since I started getting into photography, and then later on when I tried myself to videos, it totally made me abandon my pursuits. Because in the filmmaking industry, or even the video content platforms that you find online, everything is basically centered around the editing process. Which is a bummer for a chaotic mind like mine.

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That era where you could see what people were doing on instagram was insane

That era where you could see what people were doing on instagram was insane

Little field trip with my bestie ! We went for a walk beyond my Grandma’s vegetable garden, and found ourselves in the meadows. It was right during sunset, which made everything look even more mystical. The smell of freshly cut grass, different fruit trees we encountered… we sat at a really cute bench, and rested some time, just chatting away, amidst these stunning views of the nature.

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