Stop and enjoy the present moment

If I had a life motto, it would be just that…

Stop and enjoy the present moment
I keep seeing posts online of people being so excited about the next thing in their lives… they can’t wait for what happens next, and most of what they seem to be doing is wishing to be already then, but once it’s happening, it’s a blur because they’re still thinking about whatever happens after that…

It’s kind of exhausting and sad, in my opinion. There’s so many awesome moments that they’re not fully enjoying, and it’s like – just stop, because it’s worth it. I practice comfort & pleasure. I dwell in the little precious moments, and I love just being in the present. It makes me feel empowered and relaxed. There’s a beautiful inner happiness from doing that, so I encourage you to try it as well.

My boyfriend and I went to this amazing Israeli restaurant in Paris, named “Shouk” the food there is extravagantly tasty. In appearance simple, it’s actually elaborated in savor, a good cuisine that fills you up pretty neatly. Then we had coffee at “Craft”, cute spot.

Stop and enjoy the present momentStop and enjoy the present momentStop and enjoy the present moment