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I spend half of my free time at the Louvre museum
Louvre Museum

I haven’t been much present on this blog the past year… and it is in my resolutions to do much better for 2018; I did previously mention that I’ve been working on handling my online geek magazine more personally, and invest myself more in it & I’m really happy because the first month of January is down and I have managed to keep my personal plans up, without fail.

I will gradually follow up on my decisions, and I am very determined in not letting go. For those of you who want to see the changes unfolding, and are geek fans you can always check my geeklandmag.com site & enjoy my progress, I guess 🙂 Also now that February is there, on Monday there’s going to be a new cover & editorial in which I will talk in details about cool “news”.

So you can definitely understand why I haven’t been here so much… because I was over there. But, even though I cannot just come back yet and start blogging like I used to, I will install from next month a routine I won’t drop. It will help me figure out time to do both things, and also there’s more than a couple things I photographed or filmed last year, and never got enough time to edit and share with you.

So March is going to be like a big throwback for me, but for you it will be all new… plus you’ll get much more content, and I hope that will make you as excited as it makes me – and very soon, it’s going to be my official coming back party and I cannot wait for when that happens.

I was dealing with so much anxiety related to my sickness, for the past 2/3 years (which I will maybe talk about later), that it’s challenging for me to show up and expose myself online again, but no matter how difficult this is for me it’s for my own good. It helps me to get out of my shell, to become stronger, more hardworking and those are the keys to pursue my dreams.
Louvre MuseumLouvre MuseumLouvre Museum

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