I live seat 1A

My experience as a Business Class passenger

I live seat 1A
I haven’t been back to Serbia for almost two years, and so I decided to take a one-month vacation to visit my family. When I was booking my plane ticket of course I decided to go with Swiss Airlines, just because I get a layover in Zurich to see my best friend.

Even though it’s only for a couple of hours, we at least can meet up in person and chat, and it feels really good when you’re living apart like we are. It’s just not easy to get some time together, so we take whatever we can get. We are planning though on a “best friends trip” soon, I can’t wait for that !

I went for the Business Class ticket since I had a lot of luggages, and I didn’t want to be at the airport 2 hours prior… the economy lines for check-in and security are such a waste of time, and my flight was 6:30 am. No thanks.

I had an amazing experience and I don’t think I’m going to fly economy again.  On short-haul flights you can’t even request any particular food, they give you the snacks they have planned. But I’m gluten free intolerant, so I was used to bring my own snacks or starve the whole flight.

In Business they bring you whatever fits your diet, and not only that but you get access to the lounges, which have buffets with delicious food and drinks you can order tailored to your needs – and it’s all included with your ticket. No extra fees, not a care in the world basically.

Priority boarding and get off the aircraft, as well as getting your luggages right away is extra. Also the fact that while I was at the airport I had showers available, and high speed internet wherever I went was the best feeling. I definitively think that it’s worth the price, it’s profitable and I don’t know why the heck I hadn’t done this before. From now on, I know better.

I live seat 1AI live seat 1AI live seat 1AI live seat 1AI live seat 1AI live seat 1A

WonderCon 2019

Favorite Comic Con ever

WonderCon 2019
I literally crossed an entire ocean and continent to get there !

I remember the first year I moved to LA and was introduced to the geek world, by a very good friend of mine : I was completely blown away. I had always been a geek at heart, but I had never imagined that places like convention centers that welcomed the biggest gatherings of geeks existed.

It changed my life. I started attending so many Comic Cons, and I even made a website where I would post about it and review stuff, and share cosplay… it was past my teenage years but I was a late bloomer, so really it felt like puberty time had finally hit me.

I mostly remember the fun, and the good times, and feeling like I belonged. I used to think I was a weirdo because of my hobbies, until I realized that there were others just like me. That made me gain confidence.

I’ve kinda put it away since I started “adulting”, but I still enjoy going back to these places, like comic book stores, because of all the awesome memories I had. You can still wander around my used-to-be platforms…


WonderCon 2019WonderCon 2019WonderCon 2019WonderCon 2019WonderCon 2019WonderCon 2019WonderCon 2019WonderCon 2019

Christmas movies

Netflix and Chill

A Christmas Prince – The Princess Switch – A Christmas Prince, The Royal Wedding

I love the winter season because it means staying cosy at home, with homemade hot chocolate eating comfort food & sweets and of course : watching movies ! I’m a total Netflix addict, so I binge everything I can on it.

They make actually good content, these are my six must-watch picks of the month. I’ve seen half of them so far, they were awesome. I’m super excited for the last one to come out, which is Mowgli, I have a feeling it will be very entertaining. Guys if you are in need for holiday themed movies, just head over there !

The Christmas Chronicles – The Holiday Calendar – Mowgli, Legend of the Jungle

Book Club.

Avid reader…

Rupi Kaur, milk and honey – Rupi Kaur, the sun and her flowers – Amanda Lovelace, the princess saves herself in this one

The majority of my family & friends know me as the “Apple Girl”, I’m always on my devices, I’m checking things up or working on them and I’m literally inseparable from whether it’s my iPhone or MacBook Pro because those two are literally part of me !

It’s so hard to even take some time off my electronics and try to live in the moment, be part of what people like to call the real life… but it’s actually important to do so. I’ve started reading again, ACTUAL BOOKS. Not on my phone like I used to do, with iBooks or audiobooks. I’m going to old school and trendy libraries now, and I’m picking up the books that grab my attention.

The best of this new way to life is, I don’t even have to force myself. I’ve remembered how much I used to love reading. I’m discovering many beautiful and amazing stories, or thoughts from these incredible authors, and I’m loving every second of it. I feel prouder of myself, and it gives me confidence on my intellectuality so guys : start reading too !

Honestly, it only brings positiveness into life and that’s what we all need. These are my six picks of the month, I’ve already read two of them and feeling super motivated for the four remaining ones 🙂 I’ve inspired my best friend to follow my lead, she’s talking about it on her blog, check it out.

Otegha Uwagba, Little Black Book – Mary Shelley, Frankenstein – Lang Leav, Sad Girls

Good things are coming

The lake and old town
Good things are coming

Beautiful Zurich… the lake is huge and there’s so many swans around, it looks dreamy. You can hop on a boat and go to the neighborhing cities, or stumble upon some weird trees while going to the old town; even though I’m coming here to see my best friend, I realize that it’s such a nice vacation spot.
Good things are comingGood things are comingGood things are comingGood things are comingGood things are coming

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