I be like “I’m fine” then I shake my leg 160 mph

I be like "I'm fine" then I shake my leg 160 mph

Taking pictures, or even posting them, is definitely not the most challenging part in the photography process…

What’s the worst is actually editing ! I’ve hated editing since I started getting into photography, and then later on when I tried myself to videos, it totally made me abandon my pursuits. Because in the filmmaking industry, or even the video content platforms that you find online, everything is basically centered around the editing process. Which is a bummer for a chaotic mind like mine.

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I’m so private, my family doesn’t even know me like that

I'm so private, my family doesn't even know me like that

I have almost finished editing all of my Serbia pictures… the only remaining ones are from Belgrade. Where we spent two days, but explored a lot. So these are coming really soon !
In this post, everything’s quite messy, because it’s not really following a day in particular. It’s just a bunch of pictures that I took and wanted to showcase, so I’ve put them all together in here, and voila ! Enjoy 😊

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Successfully wasted 7 months of 2022

Successfully wasted 7 months of 2022

Every rose blooming in my Grandma’s garden is giving me beautiful and delicate feminine energy. I feel peaceful resting underneath them. Their thorns keep me safe, while their petals soothe my pains. I wish I could live inside one of them. I can easily imagine it. I want to be surrounded by that same softness. I want to smell their perfume all day, and night long.

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I can’t believe they make you go to work when you’re sleepy

I can't believe they make you go to work when you're sleepy

Last batch of portraits taken by my talented best friend Barbara ❤️

When I look at these pictures, so many wonderful memories come straight to my mind… all the laughter, beautiful moments, cool discoveries, and mostly crazy adventures that I share with her. She’s the Starsky to my Hutch, or maybe it’s the other way around, but anyway we’re like soul sisters. She’s my human. I always miss her so much, and I know whenever I get to see her it’s gonna be fun times. Can’t wait to go on yet another vacay with her ! Until then, enjoy this…

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Another day without using y=mx+b

Another day without using y=mx+b

It was one of those hot days, where every building seemed inflamed; touch their stone and you’ll feel the burn. People were either hiding in the shadows wishing for a draft that never came, or sipping cold drinks at some terraces where you could see sweat dripping from the waiters’ foreheads.

Despite it being a little town, it wasn’t the middle of nowhere… it was in Serbia. A country where my ancestors come from, where women are put together, even for the simplest hangout. So I wore a beautiful white linen dress, with a print of blue flowers. I went to the farmer’s market in that outfit, and for a moment, I felt stuck in a 50’s era movie, and I wish that feeling lasted longer.

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