AI portraits

AI portraits

This is the last post about Geekland on this Blog.

Back in the day, I was a huge geek… so into the DC Comics universe, Star Trek, all the horror movies, and what not, that I started blogging about it on here.

Then I started going to Comic Cons, and meeting cosplayers; and it took a whole other level in my life, when I began getting invites from notorious geek conventions like MCM London Comic Con, to report on them. I had my own website, now deleted – because after a couple of years, it was too much work just for me.

But because I’ve always had a space to geek out, I kept an instagram account, that I pretty much abandoned during Covid, and now I’m back on it ! Obviously, I am never gonna be like I used to be, because I’ve evolved and nowadays I focus on other things like photography, some video projects (which you will see more & more of).

If you are a geek at heart though, and love these fantasy AI-generated portraits of me, this is exactly the type of content you will find on Geeklandmag‘s page ! That, and whenever I’ll attend conventions, or movies. I’ll be basically sharing anything that I love, that’s geek-related.

So this isn’t really a goodbye to that side of me, you’ll find it somewhere else, where it’s specifically dedicated to it. xoxox

AI portraits
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The Broad, part 2

The Broad, part 2
Jenny Salville, Stare

Here’s part two of my little visit to The Broad museum. There’s too many artists on show in this post, so I’ll write them down as captions under each art.

I was struck by the powerful images on display, and sculptures as well. It excited my mind, and the overall experience was quite pleasing. What is incredible about art, is how most pieces can still apply to contemporary times. I just love scrolling around galleries and letting it inspire me.

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The Broad, part 1

The Broad, part 1

I went to The Broad for the first time the other day, and they have the most amazing little collection. It is so well curated, I did not expect such beautiful and striking pieces. I took many pictures of the Art, just so I could show you my favorites, but there’s so many that I have to split it in two posts.

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I’m a hater first and a lady second

I'm a hater first and a lady second

This is a really beautiful Hotel Particulier. The biggest one I’ve visited so far in Paris. It’s ideally located on Haussmann boulevard, and it’s quite a palace inside. The owners were art collectors, and had such great taste for interior decoration. I got lost in the different rooms, completely mesmerised and struck by the wealth and beauty of the place. This should be on everyone’s to do list !

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I’m the type of person to go back to sleep and try to finish a dream

I'm the type of person to go back to sleep and try to finish a dream

I haven’t traveled this much in years… so thankful that Covid is kinda behind us; 2022 is definitely the year of travels for me. Here’s some more pictures of this cute little town we live by, named Svilajnac. It looks almost like any basic Serbian town, except that it’s prettier, colorful, super clean and there’s a dinosaur museum… the Geek & Cottage Girl in me is in love with this place.

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