Hello from Serbia

The sky was citrus and blue

Hello from Serbia
© Photography by Madison Kennedy

It’s been a while since I posted anything on The Blog, but I did promise I would be back today… so here I am. I left Paris a couple days ago… actually this weekend. It was a spur of the moment decision, totally unplanned. I basically got my ticket and packed the same day, left the next one.

Life was getting monotonous, and I felt stuck in a routine I wasn’t comfortable with. I went through a bad depressive episode and was miserable for the past three weeks until finally, I decided to break free from the situation. I came back to Serbia because this is where I come when things don’t work out.

I am gonna take the time I need to focus on my wellness and refill my soul with good vibes & positive energy. When I’m ready, I’ll be off to new adventures ! but until then, I am going to take care of myself so I can feel better, and become strong enough again to tackle my ambitious projects.

→ from the movie “Allied” (2016)

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