I can understand why chickens wake up and scream

My Blog is going to be a freaking mess during my vacation in California…

Firstly, because obviously I’m trying to enjoy my time here as much as possible, so the content that I share is not optimal. Although coming back to LA makes me do videos again; so I don’t know ? Is this going to unlock a new / old hobby of mine, we’ll see, because only time can tell.

Second, well I’m also working on my new life as a “digital creator” which involves a lot of things and responsibilities that I have to deal with, and it’s not easy. Time management is of the essence, and that’s the main thing I am struggling with, even though I’m getting there.

In this post I’m sharing a couple websites and informations, on where I post updates on my projects, so you can follow up. Every single link is also available in the menu up above !

500px – my Photo Store is there, with some selected pictures that you’ve already seen here 😊
Flickr – I mainly use it to host the content that I share on The Blog, so it has it all
Instagram – posting my favorite photos 💞
TikTok – where you see weekly aesthetic music videos of my travels & hangouts
Twitter – this is where you get my unfiltered personality 😜

Some more websites are coming in the next few weeks. I am working on expanding my online presence for work purposes, so I’ll put it here when it’s done.

I can understand why chickens wake up and scream

A lot of things have changed in LA since Covid ! It’s crazy that I basically had to change most of my habits around the Third Street Promenade area in Santa Monica. Bloomingdale’s has closed down, which I used to go so often to… I discovered cool places as well, like Cult, which is a restaurant that makes delicious lattes and has a nice almond croissant. It’s become my spot now, for when I need to chill.

I can understand why chickens wake up and scream
I can understand why chickens wake up and scream