i found my balance

To New Beginnings !i found my balanceSnapchat 👻 mads.kennedy

Remember a couple of days ago I talked to you guys about, how my blog was looking messy ? I just found out there was no structure, and that’s because of my new way of blogging. I’ve set myself free from any obligations, so I could have fun again sharing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted ! & the fun part, that totally came back to me 🙂

I love blogging more than ever now… but, I’m missing out on a lot since I don’t even set some time aside anymore, for that purpose only. It’s became completely random, and that also shows in my posts. I don’t think it reflects the real me; yes I’m kinda crazy and there’s no actual control over things in my life, I’m wild & rebel at heart so I let things happen without restrictions.

But I’m also an artist, a photographer and an aspiring filmmaker… I write stories every week, I stop and record videos, I edit pictures like they’re my fave memories, I like to help out and make a difference if given the possibility, I love experimenting with beauty routines and chat about style, and music of course, is at the center of my life ! So many things that make the real me.

That’s exactly how I want you to be able to see me, and that can happen if I find a balance to show you so. I’m writing this to say, that I finally did it 😀 I sat back, and thought about it and came up with a no-pressure plan, that’s going to change the mess into more creative and inspired content. I’m so excited about this, at last I’m going to do exactly what my life and dreams are about, and you’ll be the awesome audience to my journey.