You can’t keep an angel down

Sunsets in L.A.
You can't keep an angel down

Tomorrow is my birthday… another year went by like it was nothing. I still haven’t achieved my dreams; at this point of my life I’m almost giving up on dreaming, it seems pointless. Wanting to do things that are much bigger than me, for the sake of something as innocent as creating and producing art sounds more impossible with each passing day.

But this year didn’t mean nothing to me… I got to be with the people that are dearest to my heart, some I hadn’t seen for years. It was a gift, a blessing even. I could go as far as saying a miracle for one particular person that I thought I’d never see again, and that impossibility made possible restored some hope and faith.

I never realized how important love and caring is until I was met with it unconditionally. It’s just a fleeting impression that I never want to go away because it’s the only thing keeping me afloat, driving me to become stronger and better. I never stopped loving that moment in time that shifted my life forever, I’ll never do.

I’ll always be chasing it in the back of my mind, even if the pain this past life brings me could kill me.
You can't keep an angel down

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I tried…

I was so motivated at start, there was even good weather conditions; a bright and sunny day in Paris is unusual at this time of the year. On this Halloween, I kept failing but I brought you something anyway, check it out, you’ve been warned.

© Video by Madison Kennedy

Wanderlust in Paris

Can I get a hell yeah ?!

Wanderlust in Paris It’s been a while guys… I’ve just been living my life out here ! I wasn’t stressing about blogging because it’s a hobby, and I do always update when I can, but hopefully none of you is mad at me for that. I’m still pretty active on other social media platforms, such as my : Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram.

Anyway, I got some good news about my Leica camera (if you’ve been following my adventures since this post, then you know what I’m talking about). They got it last week I guess… don’t really remember the details, all I care for is that I’m gonna get it back sooner than expected ! So pumped, can’t wait for my baby.

© Photography by Madison Kennedy

Wanderlust in ParisWanderlust in ParisWanderlust in Paris Check my store on 500px if you want to buy cool pictures & support me : click here

Hello Zürich !

Day one

I had a great time in Zürich with my best friend. I wasn’t able to blog during my stay there because I was super busy, but today & tomorrow I’m publishing all my “on the go” iPhone pictures that I’ve taken. Most of them were edited using the Enlight app, which I’m really enjoying. The last pic of this post is from the library in St. Gallen, it’s a gorgeous baroque architecture. Stay tuned, more coming up for this weekend !

© Photography by Madison Kennedy
Hello Zürich !Hello Zürich !St. Gallen

it’s 11pm and i’m in bed eating tortilla chips.

Tomorrow night I will be in Paris… tonight ? I’m at my best friend’s in Zürich. I came here a couple of days ago to spend some time with her. She’s an incredible human being, one of the most amazing that I am lucky enough to know and basically, count as family. We’re like sisters when together; I love her so much.

I was busy the week before leaving Serbia for Switzerland, so I had no time to schedule any posts for The Blog the way I usually do. Which of course, I felt bad about & started to blame myself because I promised I wouldn’t do that anymore… or that if it really had to happen, I would at least take some time off so I could give you a heads up, that I will be “ghosting” for some days.

Last time I wrote that, I definitively did not realize what it actually meant in real life. Now that it’s happening, I figured it was a mistake to promise such thing, because it’s totally impossible to keep. I mean, when I say I’m busy it also means I’m exhausted to a point I can’t handle anything at all. I barely make it to bed and fall asleep right away… so managing more than that is just not realistic.

I know there’s people who can deal with much more intense things in their lives, and still keep doing what they’ve put their responsibilities into : I’m not like that. I wish I were, but as hard as I try, my body and mind won’t every time, keep up with me & everything that I want. Sometimes, I learn that it’s all right to recognize my limits, for my own good.

That’s why I am not gonna stress myself over missing out on my blogging duties for a week. I am only gonna clarify and change what I wrote that last time when I was being reckless with a promise. My goal is to post an article a day on weekdays. I try to schedule them a week in advance so it allows me to skip blogging a day or two the next week, if I have to — because I’m traveling and unable to focus on The Blog during that time (for example).

Which is great, since that way it stays updated and nobody is missing anything. When I can’t do that, I try to post “live” the day there’s no scheduled posts, but that requires me to have an hour or two break from my crazy life, which is not always possible. When all my efforts to be proper with blogging fail, I try to publish the five posts I usually make, even if it steps up on my weekend.

Problem with that is my weekends are packed & needed for personal intentions, and it kills me to work then if I feel like I gotta. Basically what I’m trying to say is I’m really doing my best to keep my word, and be a good blogger & I think in all fairness I am not that bad, because I’ve created this blog in 2010 and it’s still up and running.

Thank you for your patience & occasionally baring with my irregular schedule. Now you know that if there’s no update it’s because I couldn’t make it, but that I tried to. Big kisses, xoxox ! Madison.

Eat healthy, sleep well, breathe deeply, enjoy life.

No selfies this week 😦

Hello everyone ! Just a little update to let you know that I am still sick, but getting better. I’m in an excellent mood, even though being ill is awful, I’m spending my days watching amazing movies from the 60’s and earlier on; I am absolutely in love with old movies. I should be back on my feet next week, for sure. Don’t worry, it’s passing and soon gone.

I read an interesting post on LinkedIn yesterday, saying that most blogs “suck” because they’re not dedicated to something in particular, and so readers get confused & bored. I think it’s probably right & I admit my blog is kinda about (too) many things, which could potentially make people wonder “what the hell I’m about”. Well, it’s a personal blog, which means I’ve never really thought it would become much. I’ve enjoyed sharing whatever I wanted, just because I could. Also I’m a very messy person in real life, it’s obvious that trait of my personality translates itself online.

But I am about three main things actually… Above everything, I’m a photographer who dreams of becoming a filmmaker. Then, I’m a hardcore Geek who is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Geekland mag, an online magazine that allows me to attend Comic Cons as a reporter. Lastly, I’m super girly and addicted to wellness so I just adore talking about these things a lot. Until yesterday I’ve never considered that my blog could be where I showcase my main points to help me achieve more. To me, my blog was more about trying out experimental ideas or projects and showing EVERYTHING that I’m into. Not long ago, I wrote how I wanted to expand even into more activities.

It’s time to calm down, and chill back… relax whatever I need, to focus on my real objectives. That’s definitively what I should be about on this blog. I’m a messy person, except when it’s connected to work, then I’m extremely professional. I’m gonna continue bettering myself no matter what path I choose to follow, that means the content will not suffer. Maybe that’s the change I needed, because last year when I totally “burned out” and put my blog on a break, it had all to do with the fact that I was doing too much & I couldn’t deal anymore. I learned from my mistakes by allowing myself more free time and a flexible blogging schedule, but see, it still took me time to figure out the underlying issue which is, I’m losing myself when I try to be on every front. I’m relieved as I think from now, it will be more centered & meaningful.

I need to write this in capital letters “THE BLOG IS BACK”, and I am too. 100% ready to rock it ! Maybe before today, I was only back 65% of my actual potential.

Also watch this new episode about Wellness from British VOGUE, with Camille Rowe. They talk about important things & everyone should check it out :

My Personal Journey to Wellness

Getting healthier & fit !

I am currently sick… I feel like shit. Let’s be clear on that, I’m in a horrible situation right now; of course I’m exaggerating but, I do not handle well any type of pain so being sick is the ultimate worst for me. I am not dealing okay at all.

I am someone who’s kind of obsessed with wellness, and staying healthy and all that jazz. When I moved to California a couple of years ago, I was really glad about it because I discovered that I was far from being the only psycho-addicted to wellness in town. Living in Los Angeles on and off, taught me that “health” is super important & definitively seen on another level there, compared to other places I’ve been to.

Which is great. I pay a lot of attention to what and how I eat, my daily exercise routine and what supplements I take, etc… so when I get sick, even if it’s nothing too serious, I am still extremely upset about it. Believe it or not it’s a very harsh process to go through for me, as I’m not used to it at all. For me getting sick is so rare, that when I do, it’s an “end of the world” type of scenario in my life.

Obviously, I’ll also have an intense reaction to it. I’ll usually seek a cure by changing my diet almost completely for a few days. It happens because I feel guilty, as if it’s my fault I got sick. I start questioning my every move, what possibly I could have done to bring this to myself ? Generally the answer is nothing, or I’ll blame it on things that are actually harmless to my health.

Over time though, I have come to the conclusion that you can’t stop disease. If by any bad luck you catch a virus, it’s unfortunate but it happens, and even being as healthy as possible cannot stop infections. It can only better your overall well being, and probably help get back on your feet sooner.

I also think that sometimes the body needs to reset. This can be the way it chooses to say that it’s time for a break in the habits, and to begin a detox program. It’s essential to listen to your body, as it will only be gratifying to do so. I am going with a gluten free vegan raw diet for the next couple of days, until I am in shape again. This always helps me greatly, I am confident and look forward to it. Eating clean & raw has many benefits.

PS. Also wanted to say that it absolutely slipped my mind, but I noticed that I forgot to post something last Friday… no worry though, it was just an error in the schedule. I recently set up the “scheduling” option for my blog posts, but evidently it looks like I made a tiny mistake when I was checking my calendar & doing that. It won’t be a problem for next week, I’ve looked again and that’s fine. I guess I need to learn to double-check, to avoid these type of things.

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