me *at family gatherings* : i’m gracing you with my presence

All those times Khloe spoke out my mood…me *at family gatherings* : i'm gracing you with my presenceSnapchat 👻 mads.kennedy

This basically sums me up :tumblr_inline_o67tla57W11t7a4lk_500

Whenever someone asks me something :tumblr_inline_o67tl84MRj1t7a4lk_500

When I’m not actually home, I’m just thinking :tumblr_njh3kqNvPf1rnfb9bo1_500-1438094605

But let’s be real, this is what I do in my bedroom :tumblr_inline_o67tl7e2xl1t7a4lk_500

When responsibilities come up, I’m like :khloe-gif6-1438094599

This is why I’m such a loner :tumblr_inline_nbenieKEay1rynlhg

Haters gotta hate, people’s gotta gossip but :giphy-3-1438095992

&When I’m so done…tumblr_inline_nft5og1Yh41s2m7xu

xoxox ! This was fun to make 🙂 These gifs are literally so accurate when it comes to the kind of moods I can go through, that you totally got to know my personality a little better after this.