new year who dis

new me…new year who dis

Resolutions for 2017 ? Work more, eat better, worry less, be real & exercise…

above all, go after my dream even if I’ve always been afraid of it.

my life is constantly just an inner monologue of “why did i do that”

my life is constantly just an inner monologue of "why did i do that"

I’m obsessed with this new paintbrush feature on Snapchat; follow me there 👻 mads.kennedy to see more of my selfies !

my life is constantly just an inner monologue of "why did i do that"my life is constantly just an inner monologue of "why did i do that"my life is constantly just an inner monologue of "why did i do that"my life is constantly just an inner monologue of "why did i do that" Check my store on 500px if you want to buy cool pictures & support me : click here

There’s progress

We’re getting there, this is the final plan

moodySnapchat 👻 mads.kennedy

As you can tell on those pics, I am looking extremely moody… the reason is that even though I have made a lot of personal progress regarding the way I blog, and trying to post every project I have in mind each week, I am still struggling over my schedule.

The schedule I made weeks ago is pretty easy to manage, except if I am traveling. Oddly enough, I did not take account of that, which is a total fail from my part because I completely overlooked the fact that I go on trips almost every week.

Mistakes have been made… but they are already being corrected. I am changing my habits a little bit, since I came to the conclusion that scheduling posts is the best plan. From now on, most of the things you will see, will have been scheduled a week or two ago.

I enjoy blogging “live” and I will continue to do so, but because of how busy and tired I get when I’m traveling, I am not able to post five days a week like it is my wish. I want to share my adventures, and the things I work on all weekdays.

There’s many stuff I leave out when I don’t do so. It’s really important for me to fix that, and go forward by learning from my mistakes. I believe it will also be more enjoyable for you, to see more organized content from me.

I want to thank you for your patience, for staying loyal followers despite the big break The Blog underwent last year, and my experimental blogging methods over the last months.

I admit I got bored with the idea of blogging, but couldn’t bring myself to give it up, and with other things happening in my life, it became a mess. It’s better now though, and let’s cross our fingers that it continues to improve in the future !


Birthday party

The selfies you haven’t seen

Birthday party selfiesI posted some pictures from the party on Tuesday, that I also shared on Snapchat, but these are exclusives for The Blog ! I took those selfies for fun, and never intended for anyone to see them, until I realized they weren’t that bad 🙂
Birthday party selfies

Snapchat 👻 mads.kennedy

Birthday party selfies
I went to the party with my hair straightened, tucked behind my ears like below…

Birthday party selfies

My Snapchat Adventures – Summer vacation in Serbia

Snapchat 👻 mads.kennedy

Almost three months since my last video recap… so many things happened in my life during that time, and I shared all I could live on Snapchat ! I love that app so much, it’s really fun 🙂 I made a summary of it, in the video below, for everyone who doesn’t have Snap or is too lame not to follow me there (I’m just kidding). But really, hope you enjoy 😛 I didn’t share everything I posted on it, because some things are exclusive just for my Snapchat followers, but most of it is finally available for everyone else to see !

© Video by Madison Kennedy

My sister’s birthday party

An evening to remember 🙂

My sister's birthday party

Here’s a couple Snapchat stills I took at my sister’s birthday party… everything was perfect that evening ! From my outfit, to my makeup and hair on point. I had so much fun, it was one of the most enjoyable time spent with my family. I wore a dress from Guess, shoes from Forever 21, ring from Nordstrom and nailpolish by Yves Saint Laurent.

My sister's birthday party Snapchat 👻 mads.kennedyMy sister's birthday party

creative writing

Let your inspiration run wild

One of my many hobbies is writing. Every week I come up with new ideas, and although I do write a lot, I don’t share my creative writing on The Blog. From now on, that’s going to change. I’ve recently decided to open up my artistic side more, so there’s going to be things you haven’t seen from me before, deeper & authentic. This is also going to help me grow as an artist I hope, with your advices and positive feedback, I’ll do everything I can to better myself day by day.

Snapchat 👻 mads.kennedyrandom selfies