I’m so private, my family doesn’t even know me like that

I'm so private, my family doesn't even know me like that

I have almost finished editing all of my Serbia pictures… the only remaining ones are from Belgrade. Where we spent two days, but explored a lot. So these are coming really soon !
In this post, everything’s quite messy, because it’s not really following a day in particular. It’s just a bunch of pictures that I took and wanted to showcase, so I’ve put them all together in here, and voila ! Enjoy 😊

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My 6 books for 2021

Finally, it’s review time !

I did say I wanted to write a review after each book I would finish reading… but things did not go as expected in my life, so I couldn’t take the time for it. Instead, I decided to compile in this one post, all 6 books I read this year and write a quick review underneath them ! Which is fine I guess, better than not doing it at all.

My reads are kinda “feminist” in the sense that I choose books from female authors. One, because I am a woman and so, interested to see how other women write about things. Two, because I think it’s inspiring to read from successful women authors. Three, because there used to be a time where writings from women were either censored, or stolen by some male counterparts. Which is why for me it’s important to read from other women, and support their work in a very small way.

My Body, by Emily Ratajkowski
I was actually fascinated from beginning to end, by her story. She’s a famous model yes, she’s also known for some “scandals” yes, but I don’t think that should prevent you from reading her, because she’s a gifted writer. Honestly I loved how open and raw she could be at times. The way she centered this biography on her body, was smart and not something I’d come across before. I really appreciated the tales of her female journey in this patriarchal world we’re living in. It was refreshing to have a new perspective like hers.

What Kind of Woman, by Kate Baer
Read a couple good reviews about this one, but I couldn’t get into it. Probably because I felt like it was mostly focused on middle aged women, which I’m not, so I couldn’t really find something in common. But I did still finish it, out of curiosity obviously. It was interesting to get stories (in the form of poems) from different types of women, but there wasn’t even one story that truly captivated me. Which I found odd, because I expected otherwise. I’m not saying not to read this one, because the author writes beautifully, and I’m sure this is the right book for some.

Florida, by Lauren Groff
This was actually my least favorite… so I lived in L.A., and I very much loved it there. The Californian healthy & open spirit is my jam. Florida for example, never attracted me. Because of many things like the humidity, heat, weird animals and insects, an outdated way of thinking etc… but I thought, it would be so cool to have the perspective from someone who lived there, maybe to change my preconceived ideas. Unfortunately, even though at times sure, it could be wonderful the way she depicted the scenery and the people living there, mostly it was sad and rough. Just didn’t like most of the stories, I found a couple to be hard to digest, and for that matter it stayed with me for a while, but not in a good way. Maybe that’s the talent of this book. This one I don’t know if I could recommend, it depends on your mood.

Home Body, by Rupi Kaur
OMG ! I love her so much ! This is one of my favorite authors ❤️ she writes in a stunning manner, such captivating, intelligent, strong poems. I’m in love with her writings, they speak to me, and even her drawings are so pure. The whole mood she installs is absolutely beautiful, but can be so sad at times. The descriptions are on point, they just go straight to your heart and you keep them in your mind, for your own benefit. Because her words are healing. I mean she’s amazing, read all of her work if you haven’t, she’s talented like no other.

The Rose That Blooms in the Night, by Allie Michelle
Always loved reading the poems she would post after her pictures on Instagram. She’s kind of like an influencer, but not. She practices yoga and mindfulness, and her search for peace and happiness is truly inspiring. She has her own way of putting words to sensations, feelings, heartbreaks, life in general, and love, it’s touching. Love the purity of her soul, and also the energy that she puts out is healing. Her work is kind, I remember highlighting so many sentences that stuck with me and made me think deeper, and inward. For that I’m grateful. It was more than poems to me, it created positive thoughts.

Midnight Sun, by Stephenie Meyer
Okay so I’m a Twilight fan if you didn’t know. I should be embarrassed saying it, but I really couldn’t care less. These books are more than amazing, and that’s why they were such a success. This one is the first book, but revisited from Edward’s perspective. I thought I wouldn’t like it as much, because I was actually afraid Edward would be boring in comparison to Bella and her many human feelings. But the life of a vampire is intense… over 1,100 pages intense I mean. Wow, I did not know how many pages there were before I bought it. Because I get things digitally, and I don’t usually check how many pages there are. Had a good surprise. Nevertheless, I still finished it, because how could I not. It was so endearing to read Edward, and it definitely made me like him more… maybe I was team Jacob, yes. I can’t say more, just that I totally fell back to my teenager years when I was reading the first book, and that was precious.

Before Alice got to Wonderland, she had to fall.

HOTEL PARTICULIER MONTMARTRE – Victoria is posing for me this evening; we tried to get into the Chinese New Year’s vibe with the reds, but my photography ended up looking quite experimental (or “artsy” as she said). I actually like these unexpected results more, it gives a special feeling to our photoshoot.

Red flavor

All red for Fall

Red flavorI miss my best friend a lot, I can’t wait to see her soon in Paris… check out some of our pictures from back when I went to visit her in Switzerland; the weather was chilly and rainy but we still managed to do a whole photoshoot !
Red flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavor

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why is being alive so expensive, i’m not even having a good time.

Beautiful Italian woman
why is being alive so expensive, i'm not even having a good time

I started working for Apple a couple months back and met this incredible person there; she's super nice and generous, has this good aura about her and I really wanted to take some pictures using this old film-style editing. She's also an actress & very independant, which is why I admire her so much !

why is being alive so expensive, i'm not even having a good timewhy is being alive so expensive, i'm not even having a good timewhy is being alive so expensive, i'm not even having a good timewhy is being alive so expensive, i'm not even having a good timewhy is being alive so expensive, i'm not even having a good timewhy is being alive so expensive, i'm not even having a good timewhy is being alive so expensive, i'm not even having a good timewhy is being alive so expensive, i'm not even having a good time

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