Here comes a feeling you thought you’d forgotten.

Can’t wait for winter to be over.

Here comes a feeling you thought you'd forgotten.
It was lovely to have the flu, but I’m glad I’ve finally recovered from it… It’s been nearly a week, and I feel somewhat okay-ish enough to be out of Netflix, and back on The Blog.

So I’ve planned a couple travel posts, in which I will share quick tours of cities I’ve visited recently, and I’ll give some tips : especially for the gluten-free intolerant folks, who like me probably, have a hard time feeding themselves properly while traveling. It is a struggle, but I got some cool locations.

Also like, cultural places you shouldn’t miss and what was my fave thing during the trip; I’m announcing the cities you’ll have the joy to discover here : Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada in Spain, Marrakesh in Marocco, Vrnjacka Banja, Manasija, Belgrade in Serbia, and Paris in France ! Got a few more coming…

Give a little kiss to my baby dog Leopold, he’s the cutest, and see you in my next post !

PS – Have you seen ? There’s a new tropical background 🙂 It’s similar to the Beverly Hills hotel one, for those of you who know.
Here comes a feeling you thought you'd forgotten.