That era where you could see what people were doing on instagram was insane

That era where you could see what people were doing on instagram was insane

Little field trip with my bestie ! We went for a walk beyond my Grandma’s vegetable garden, and found ourselves in the meadows. It was right during sunset, which made everything look even more mystical. The smell of freshly cut grass, different fruit trees we encountered… we sat at a really cute bench, and rested some time, just chatting away, amidst these stunning views of the nature.

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One thing about me, ima go to sleep, I don’t care what is not done

One thing about me, ima go to sleep, I don't care what is not done

When I’m home in Serbia, I spend a lot of my time taking pictures of the nature. It’s just so divine ! All those blooming flowers, and the trees filled with fruit… and how satisfying is it to walk barefoot on the grass. I’m in love with every sight.

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Little miss spends 2 hours choosing music for her IG story

Little miss spends 2 hours choosing music for her IG story

It was a very moving afternoon, as we decided to go check what used to be my Grandpa’s house. I’ve never actually met him. Unfortunately, he passed when he was young, and so I only have these stories that my family shares about him. He was apparently super smart, an engineer, and it’s definitely really sad to know that I won’t be able to meet him in this lifetime, because I’m sure he would have been so interesting to talk to. His little home was truly beautiful, and the lady living there now, she used to know him. She’s family too, because she married my Grandpa’s brother actually.

We had a lovely time there, she has a stunning garden full of roses. It was just so peaceful. I tried homemade elderflower juice for the first time, it was insanely delicious. I could not believe how refreshing and sweet that drink was. She gave me a bottle to go… hum ? So nice of her. She told us more stories of my Grandpa, and gave us a tour, and I felt joyous having this new connection with my past. There were a bunch of family photographs in black and white that I’d never seen. I was real grateful that so many memories remained for me to learn about.

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Successfully wasted 7 months of 2022

Successfully wasted 7 months of 2022

Every rose blooming in my Grandma’s garden is giving me beautiful and delicate feminine energy. I feel peaceful resting underneath them. Their thorns keep me safe, while their petals soothe my pains. I wish I could live inside one of them. I can easily imagine it. I want to be surrounded by that same softness. I want to smell their perfume all day, and night long.

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I can’t believe they make you go to work when you’re sleepy

I can't believe they make you go to work when you're sleepy

Last batch of portraits taken by my talented best friend Barbara ❤️

When I look at these pictures, so many wonderful memories come straight to my mind… all the laughter, beautiful moments, cool discoveries, and mostly crazy adventures that I share with her. She’s the Starsky to my Hutch, or maybe it’s the other way around, but anyway we’re like soul sisters. She’s my human. I always miss her so much, and I know whenever I get to see her it’s gonna be fun times. Can’t wait to go on yet another vacay with her ! Until then, enjoy this…

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