I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be.

Hello everyone… I’m finally back.

Wow, it’s been a while. I was just counting how many times did I post on this blog for the past year, and this is only the 20th post… which is crazy low. I used to update & share my content over twice a week sometimes.

Truth being told, I didn’t get a chance to work on my projects because I didn’t have the needed gear. I used to be on my MacBook all the freaking time, and I was editing until my eyes were red, I had such bad sleeping habits and I wasn’t eating healthy, I didn’t take care of myself : then all of a sudden, my most loved device died on me.

Guess what, I didn’t have the funds back then to repair or replace it. For some reason, I didn’t even care. I was like “okay so this is a mandatory break” and I completely abandoned the pursuit of my ideas, or even dreams.

It’s been way over a year since that happened. I moved back to Paris from LA, which was totally depressing. I started an actual job to help me focus on the realities. I met my boyfriend who’s been non-stop pushing me to move onto better things. But I wasn’t feeling it… there was so many things about me, I needed to repair.

Now I’m still working on some of those things, but I’m in a good place. I’ve realised what I achieved maybe small, but it’s helped me progress on many levels – it’s an everyday effort to keep up with yourself and your well being.

I am currently writing you from my newest MacBook; I invested in one. I decided I matter, whatever it is that fascinates and inspires me, matters as well. It’s important to put into the world what makes your amazing, awesome self so special, and that way you might awaken or give strength (or other positive feelings) to others. Because that’s what I’m personally striving for in life, to connect.