Where have I been ?

A month later…

Photo by Bogdan Korosi

Hello 🙂 I’ve been absent again from the blogging scene… I like having a blog and being able to post what I want, but only when I feel like it. Blogging for me has always been an on & off thing, and that’s why I disappear from here for a while sometimes.

I realize I can’t achieve anything by treating my online platforms this way, but it’s not like I’ve ever actually wanted to make something serious out of it. All of this stuff are a hobby for me.

I went to Romania and Hungary while I was on this month-long blogging break, I visited the city of Timisoara and Budapest and shot plenty pictures. I spent an excellent time in Romania and had a wonderful couple days in Hungary (thanks to my friend mostly, who took this picture of me).

I’m in the mood to share some of these adventures with you, they’re too great to keep to myself… check back another day to see my updates, or sign up by email to be notified when something new is up.

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