Na eiste kala !

Na eiste kala !

Three years ago we completely fell in love with this island 🤍 🇬🇷

And we’ve been back every year since ! So this is our third… we’re still obsessed with Crete, and the Cretan people are some of the nicest, most generous we’ve met through our different travels. We just love their vibe !

The first thing we do upon arrival at the airport, is get our car and start the road trip right away. We drive fast, until a beautiful little beach, or cove catches our sight, and we make our stop there : take off all of our airplane clothes, and jump in the sea 🌊

Trust me, it is the best feeling ever. Since we travel there in August / September, the water is so warm, you don’t even have to wait for your skin to get adjusted. It’s the perfect temperature. After that first little (or longer) swim, we go for lunch… and oh my gosh, how nice it is to have a proper Greek salad, with dakos ! Cretans offer some dessert or fruit when you ask for the bill, and a little digestive; ouzo and raki are the most common ones.

The feeling of being wholly disconnected from our stressful Parisian lives, barely an hour after landing… and the freedom the car gets us is unmatchable. It’s just smiles & adventures now, for two weeks ☀️

Na eiste kala !
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Mom said I could become anything, so I became a f**king problem

Mom said I could become anything, so I became a f**king problem

I am one of those people who never gets tired of walking around their own city… especially because that city is none other than Paris ! Splendid buildings, incredible designs, you can find Art at every corner, and then when you turn, you find yourself in luscious parks; what more to ask for, right ?

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Having a job is cool, but everyday ?

Having a job is cool, but everyday ?

My best friend surprised me with a quick visit to Paris !
The day before I left for my summer vacay to Crete island. We had an amazing day walking around the city, which is absolutely gorgeous at that time of the year. I always miss her so much, so when we see each other, it’s a moment !

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I’m so private, my family doesn’t even know me like that

I'm so private, my family doesn't even know me like that

I have almost finished editing all of my Serbia pictures… the only remaining ones are from Belgrade. Where we spent two days, but explored a lot. So these are coming really soon !
In this post, everything’s quite messy, because it’s not really following a day in particular. It’s just a bunch of pictures that I took and wanted to showcase, so I’ve put them all together in here, and voila ! Enjoy 😊

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I be thinking imma save money by staying home, whole time I’m online shopping

I be thinking imma save money by staying home, whole time I'm online shopping

I basically couldn’t keep a normal face for too long during this photoshoot, because my boyfriend’s also a comedian and his jokes just kept getting to me. The pictures ended up so fun and genuine though, I really love the mood he set there. He truly has a nudge to getting people to do their best poses, without them even realizing it. I had a blast, and would certainly redo this.

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