Being a millennial kinda sucks…

Am I a lazy unproductive millennial walking-cliché ?

Adulting in the 2000’s makes me a millennial… I’m actually not yet a “fully function-able adult” and, unfortunately I identify to some of those big clichés about my generation.

I guess the biggest truths to me are that 1) I am totally technology addicted. I spend most of my time behind a computer & I would probably get a panic attack if I didn’t have an electronic device by me at all times (just thinking about it gives me rash).

2) Obviously not good with managing my time, or schedule, whatever you want to call it, I’m just terrible at it. Like most other people my age, I feel super stressed and overwhelmed, completely overloaded with my life and unable to find, make or even finish projects or simple tasks.

Take this blog for example. I love writing and sharing content here, it’s like a safe place where I can be me without filter, because it’s mine. Still, despite taking my weekends off and basically having no obligations towards it, except a passion and desire to post at least one daily update, I somehow always fail myself.

The trainwreck of “poor time management” began last week when I failed to post something, anything, on Monday. Now we’re already Thursday, and this is my first post of the week; which is ridiculous !

I slipped major… I know I could have done better ! I am upset at myself, and as awful as it sounds, maybe being a millennial is my excuse for this. Some sort of explanation to my behavior, and yeah, it does suck but what if that’s just it ?

I am tired of telling myself that I’ll do better next week, or that I did the best I could and that it’s fine anyway, because of how I was taught. I seized the moment today, I took an hour to think and then started writing this.

I realized that’s really what I need. Only about an hour a day to feel better because I didn’t let go, and achieved a goal I’ve set. So I’m gonna take that hour a day to blog : if that’s important to me then I need to do it. No more excuses, millennial or not (I mean, except if there’s actually something that happens and makes it impossible to do so).

Anyway, I also want to be more positive, inspiring and helpful I guess… I think that’s going to reflect my future publications, and also actions. I just want my life to have a meaning close to my heart.