6 movies you must see before a trip to Los Angeles

These movies capture the city of angels to its coreNeon HeartSnapchat 👻 mads.kennedy

Yesterday I went to pick up my sister Dakota at the airport, and every time I think about planes and flying I can’t help but picture L.A. 🙂 It’s my favorite destination in the world, and I thought about some movies that from my personal experience, represent the essence of that place the best, and got the idea of sharing that on The Blog !

The Bling Ring & Somewhere – Both directed by Sofia Coppola, who has an eye for showing the washed out glorified parts of Los Angeles. These two movies are just it; fame is a lonely word and probably isn’t worth running after when it rhymes with trouble.
Drive & Nightcrawler – Excellent cinematography, good scenario and amazing actors. One is a kind of poetic and violent ode to the most notable thing in L.A. which is driving. The second depicts the ugly behind the scenes of news people and to what extents some will go to achieve their dreams, even if their behavior is wrong.
Sunset Boulevard & The CanyonsSunset Blvd is a classic black and white must watch ! Portraying a silent era actress gone mad, living in her Hollywood Golden Age mansion, it’s a film noir that is like a history book of that period in time. The Canyons is a very cringe-worthy movie, it might have gotten negative reviews but trust me, there’s more truth to it on Los Angeles, than any other.

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