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I’m not a shopping addict, or someone who’s really into fashion… but that being said, I was raised by parents who work in the fashion industry in Paris, and so did my grandmother before retiring; despite my apparent lack of interest for it, I’m kind of well versed into fashion related things. I’ve grown up reading Vogue & watching my family work on fashion shows, and learned from all that.

I like magazine editorials a lot because they’re artsy inspired, and celebrate different types of beauty and try to stay ahead of the time & it’s kind of original. My favorite though is checking out sometimes models & celebrities “outfit of the day” more commonly abbreviated “OOTD”. In this post I want to share Kendall Jenner’s style, because I totally dig her looks, they’re super simple yet trendy.

Kendall Jenner’s OOTD

Grunge vibe
Grunge vibe
Classy & feminine
Casual and comfy