500px store reopening

Hello everyone !
I am excited to be reopening my 500px online store, where you can purchase some of my pictures. I’ve had it in the past, and all of the funds that I gained from it helped me buy gear such as cameras, lenses, tripods, memory cards, and what not… it’s a long list.

So obviously, if you like one of my licensed photos, and you want to help out : please do, don’t hesitate, because I definitely will use it for my work, and to better myself by upgrading my said gear, since it’s quite old, and basically obsolete. Plus, I would really love to dab into film photography, which is unfortunately quite expensive.

Also photoshoots for portraits need all kind of makeup and lighting, and landscape photography, which a lot of you, my dear followers, like on my blog, requires traveling. And yes… I love to provide content, and I want to provide even better content. You can help me grow.

It has changed in the last couple of years, 500px is only accepting a few pictures for licensing now. I only have about ten so far, I obviously can’t survive with that, so I will be opening another online store soonish. In the meantime, I’m really gonna try my best to make progress in photography, so that I’m taken more seriously. Especially by 500px to boost my sales. Fingers crossed my friends, that’s where I’m at.

Visit my licensed store on 500px : here
Check out my main gallery on 500px : here