7 fashion movies that belong on your must-see list

Fashion follows life, life follows fashion : it’s just the way it goes.

For these seven movie picks, it’s not just that the wardrobes are covet-worthy; they’re decade defining. From 1960s stylish mod to power suits of the 1980s, these fashion movies are must-sees for me and, in my opinion, any fashion lover !


1. Working Girl, 1988

Puffed hair and power suits rejoice ! Working Girl was the eponymous movie that had one of the best heroine transformations since My Fair Lady. Melanie Griffith’s early fashion choices of outrageous jewelry and big hair pulled inspiration from Staten Island, and her later wardrobe picks (and killer haircut) were upper-class Manhattan boardroom. From sleek power suits to glitterati little black dresses, this movie’s girl-power angle wasn’t the only thing that inspired its viewers; it’s always a good time to revisit the larger than life wardrobes of the ’80s.


2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961

Audrey Hepburn’s turn as Holly Golightly of Truman Capote’s design has been one of the greatest fashion films of all time since it debuted in the early ’60s. Despite the role originally being offered to Marilyn Monroe, Hepburn’s grace and Givenchy wardrobe hit the ball out of the park and cemented pearls, LBDs and opera gloves into the world of classic style for all time. From her tuxedo shirt to her tortoise shell sunnies, it’s nearly impossible not to see traces of her style in the pages of every magazine, in the window of every store and on stylish women everywhere even now.


3. In Vogue : The Editor’s Eye, 2012

The pages of Vogue have changed the way an entire century has approached fashion, but this movie takes us behind the scenes to show us how the editors put together the hottest styles before the trends are even trends. From Grace Coddington to Tonne Goodman, (at the editorial board of Vogue US) they hand out the ammo for style gurus to learn the secrets to styling and make it their own. If you haven’t seen it, catch up by viewing it ASAP. It’s a must-see for anyone who considers themselves a fashion insider.


4. The Devil Wears Prada, 2006

From Dress-Barn shopper to Chanel-Boot wearer, Andrea Sachs is the embodiment of what every girl in the mid-2000s wanted from life : to be plucked from obscurity and given a voice. While The Devil Wears Prada does it as fashionably as possible — who wouldn’t want to be made over from the Runway fashion closet ? — it’s the very idea that it could be any one of us that makes it such a favorite. For “the job a million girls would kill for,” it’s easy to see why the fashion, power and beauty of this movie are the epitome of 2000s style.


5. Annie Hall, 1977

After Annie Hall, it was the end of the feathered hair and platform boots. Instead, Woody Allen’s wacky indie brought slouchy menswear and stylish androgyny to the forefront of the style scene, and though his ditzy-minded heroine was early to the party, the ’80s followed in gender-bending ensembles for women that gave way to the Power-Woman icon. From tweed to billowy white oxfords, Annie Hall is a style icon that hipsters and fashion lovers alike love as much as the New York City wit she’s so well known for.


6. Basic Instinct, 1992

Sharon Stone’s turn as Catherine Tramell, the crazed ex-turned-stalker, is one not only of fashion history but cinematic history as well. Though “that scene” is the one that gets all the buzz for something other than clothes, from a closet perspective, the movie is a lesson in ’90s minimalism meets decadence. From Catherine’s monotone separates (that slick white-on-white outfit !) to the low-heeled sling backs on her feet, the heroine’s closet is the real MVP of this film and a telling compass for the style choices of the upper echelons for the decade to follow. There’s no whiff of grunge here !


7. Rear Window, 1954

We can debate about which of Hitchcock’s thrillers is his best, but it’s an undeniable fact that Grace Kelly became a style star in the movie starring opposite Jimmy Stewart. Rear Window cemented the classic look of post-war America. The attention to detail throughout the movie mirrors the intense crime buildup and leaves no one wondering how the beautiful actress became the princess of Monaco. While her everyday outfits are beyond compare, the real scene stealer is the black and white cocktail gown with yards and yards of tulle.

From classic silhouettes to shoulder pads, these movies aren’t just beautifully costumed and cinematic masterpieces, but serve as style inspiration and offer style-defining moments.

About the Author : Cassie is a pop culture junkie and digital nomad who writes about entertainment, fashion and books for Culture Coverage. She hopes you enjoyed this movie adventure down the historic halls of style. Check her website : click here.

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