I ended up walking in socks in Beverly Hills

My Los Angeles Chronicles

Definitely, one of the craziest and most embarrassing moment of my life was that early afternoon, when I found myself in Beverly Hills walking in socks…

What a mess of a day that was !

Let’s rewind to the night before : my sister and I, went on a insane shopping spree on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. We literally bought things we knew weren’t wearable, but just because they looked pretty on us, we went for it. I know what you’re thinking “girls…” and you’re right.

But anyway. The next morning I absolutely wanted to wear these new boots, that had at least 5 inch heels, I got from Jeffrey Campbell. I was completely oblivious of the fact of course, that I don’t usually wear heels, much less as high as those, because all I could think about is how cool they would look on my feet & how I wanted to rock my outfit with them.

We planned to spend our day in Beverly Hills, to check out some stores on Rodeo Drive and we decided to book an Uber to come pick us up, because there was no way I was surviving with those boots on public transportation… at least I was aware of that.

Our first stop was at the Levi’s store nearby, we both needed new jeans, I wanted a jacket for fall and everything went awesome, they even had sales going on. We really found all that we could wish for ! We were so pumped about our shopping findings that we went to Sephora after, to see what were the latest makeup arrivals they had. & when we were done with that, the excitement faded a little bit because we were both hungry and that’s when I started to feel very uncomfortable in my shoes.

We were on Rodeo Drive at that moment, next to the Harry Winston store and I couldn’t go any further. I stopped there and said to my sister “ouch ! I can’t walk anymore !” – it was sudden, all it took was an instant to become painful to an extreme, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. My sister replied I was being a big baby because she thought I was exaggerating, but it was as if my feet were bleeding. These boots were pure torture and I wanted to cry.

My sister got really worried for me after she understood I was being dead serious, she told me to take them off. I categorically did not want to do that… I mean, can you even imagine how embarrassing the idea of walking shoeless on the most expensive street in Los Angeles appeared to me ? I could have started crying at that suggestion as well, but I had no choice.

I couldn’t move my feet in those boots, walking was unimaginable. My sister saw my dilemma, and told me not to worry she was getting us an Uber out of here, then she helped me take the shoes off. I only walked a couple footsteps in socks, before getting in the car. We arrived at the Target next to Beverly Grove, because that’s the destination she entered for the driver; she had the idea to buy me a pair of flat sneakers to survive the day (ps. yes, she is the best person in the universe).

I felt a lot better once we got inside of Target, nobody looked like they cared I was shoeless, which was amazing ! I literally walked from the parking lot to the building, and everywhere in the store just like that… without any shoes on, and people were okay with it. It was such a relief, the embarrassment I felt at first was completely gone. I became hyper-excited about this crazy-ass situation, I was even dancing and making jokes and acting like a total child; it was so much fun !

Actually, walking without shoes felt freeing, and I think everyone should try at least once in their lives, but maybe not in a highly touristic area like Rodeo Drive, with so many luxury stores around and people dressed fancy. They should still try it in an unusual place, but rather like Target… You know what, everyone should have a day a year to celebrate my made-up shoeless movement, and have whoever’s on it with “the secret” walk in socks all over town. Just imagine the faces of the people who wouldn’t know what the hell is happening. It can’t get better than that.

But I’m digressing, let’s go back to my story so I can finish writing it.

We ended up not buying shoes, because obviously I didn’t need any : walking in socks was just fine ! We went back home after getting some groceries, and stayed in for the rest of the afternoon, until my feet could bare shoes again. I put on my Lo-Pro Vans, which I wear like Slip-Ons, they’re super comfortable, then we went out for dinner at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) which is my favorite restaurant. After all the misery I went through that day, I deserved a pizza !