Eat healthy, sleep well, breathe deeply, enjoy life.

No selfies this week 😦

Hello everyone ! Just a little update to let you know that I am still sick, but getting better. I’m in an excellent mood, even though being ill is awful, I’m spending my days watching amazing movies from the 60’s and earlier on; I am absolutely in love with old movies. I should be back on my feet next week, for sure. Don’t worry, it’s passing and soon gone.

I read an interesting post on LinkedIn yesterday, saying that most blogs “suck” because they’re not dedicated to something in particular, and so readers get confused & bored. I think it’s probably right & I admit my blog is kinda about (too) many things, which could potentially make people wonder “what the hell I’m about”. Well, it’s a personal blog, which means I’ve never really thought it would become much. I’ve enjoyed sharing whatever I wanted, just because I could. Also I’m a very messy person in real life, it’s obvious that trait of my personality translates itself online.

But I am about three main things actually… Above everything, I’m a photographer who dreams of becoming a filmmaker. Then, I’m a hardcore Geek who is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Geekland mag, an online magazine that allows me to attend Comic Cons as a reporter. Lastly, I’m super girly and addicted to wellness so I just adore talking about these things a lot. Until yesterday I’ve never considered that my blog could be where I showcase my main points to help me achieve more. To me, my blog was more about trying out experimental ideas or projects and showing EVERYTHING that I’m into. Not long ago, I wrote how I wanted to expand even into more activities.

It’s time to calm down, and chill back… relax whatever I need, to focus on my real objectives. That’s definitively what I should be about on this blog. I’m a messy person, except when it’s connected to work, then I’m extremely professional. I’m gonna continue bettering myself no matter what path I choose to follow, that means the content will not suffer. Maybe that’s the change I needed, because last year when I totally “burned out” and put my blog on a break, it had all to do with the fact that I was doing too much & I couldn’t deal anymore. I learned from my mistakes by allowing myself more free time and a flexible blogging schedule, but see, it still took me time to figure out the underlying issue which is, I’m losing myself when I try to be on every front. I’m relieved as I think from now, it will be more centered & meaningful.

I need to write this in capital letters “THE BLOG IS BACK”, and I am too. 100% ready to rock it ! Maybe before today, I was only back 65% of my actual potential.

Also watch this new episode about Wellness from British VOGUE, with Camille Rowe. They talk about important things & everyone should check it out :