My Personal Journey to Wellness

Getting healthier & fit !

I am currently sick… I feel like shit. Let’s be clear on that, I’m in a horrible situation right now; of course I’m exaggerating but, I do not handle well any type of pain so being sick is the ultimate worst for me. I am not dealing okay at all.

I am someone who’s kind of obsessed with wellness, and staying healthy and all that jazz. When I moved to California a couple of years ago, I was really glad about it because I discovered that I was far from being the only psycho-addicted to wellness in town. Living in Los Angeles on and off, taught me that “health” is super important & definitively seen on another level there, compared to other places I’ve been to.

Which is great. I pay a lot of attention to what and how I eat, my daily exercise routine and what supplements I take, etc… so when I get sick, even if it’s nothing too serious, I am still extremely upset about it. Believe it or not it’s a very harsh process to go through for me, as I’m not used to it at all. For me getting sick is so rare, that when I do, it’s an “end of the world” type of scenario in my life.

Obviously, I’ll also have an intense reaction to it. I’ll usually seek a cure by changing my diet almost completely for a few days. It happens because I feel guilty, as if it’s my fault I got sick. I start questioning my every move, what possibly I could have done to bring this to myself ? Generally the answer is nothing, or I’ll blame it on things that are actually harmless to my health.

Over time though, I have come to the conclusion that you can’t stop disease. If by any bad luck you catch a virus, it’s unfortunate but it happens, and even being as healthy as possible cannot stop infections. It can only better your overall well being, and probably help get back on your feet sooner.

I also think that sometimes the body needs to reset. This can be the way it chooses to say that it’s time for a break in the habits, and to begin a detox program. It’s essential to listen to your body, as it will only be gratifying to do so. I am going with a gluten free vegan raw diet for the next couple of days, until I am in shape again. This always helps me greatly, I am confident and look forward to it. Eating clean & raw has many benefits.

PS. Also wanted to say that it absolutely slipped my mind, but I noticed that I forgot to post something last Friday… no worry though, it was just an error in the schedule. I recently set up the “scheduling” option for my blog posts, but evidently it looks like I made a tiny mistake when I was checking my calendar & doing that. It won’t be a problem for next week, I’ve looked again and that’s fine. I guess I need to learn to double-check, to avoid these type of things.

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