Time for another Q&A

Time for another Q&ASnapchat 👻 mads.kennedy

What tv show are you binge watching right now ?
I binge watched Stranger Things last Friday night, loved the show 🙂

Who is your favorite YouTuber ?
iJustine because she’s into tech stuff, her cooking videos are hilarious & I like how she edits her vlogs.

What bands are you currently listening to ?
Metronomy, Tame Impala and Chromatics. The Less I Know the Better, Miami Logic and Night Drive on a loop.

How would you describe your personality ?
I’m a little hyperactive maybe, definitively crazy. I like having fun and messing around, joking with people. I’m friendly, but I have a hard time being serious; if you get me there I can discuss of anything because I have a curious mind. I’m also very clumsy,  and probably the type of geek cliché you’d see on The Big Bang Theory. When I work I’m focused and bossy.

What words do you say a lot ?
That’s embarrassing to admit 😛 basically, literally, actually, definitively, really… I need help.

What’s your diet ?
I follow the Paleo autoimmune diet because I have an intolerance for gluten and casein. Eating Paleo is adjusted to my needs, health-wise.

What do you like to drink ?
Hot chocolate with soy or coconut milk as a treat, and any green juice containing kale (especially if there’s some ginger in it, it’s so good).

What do you typically have for breakfast ?
Banana & scrambled eggs or cereals or bread with spread and my morning vitamins. Pancakes or french toast on weekends, sometimes pie or a piece of cake.

What brands are your sunglasses ?
My favorite pair of sunnies are from Prada, they’re black oversized labelled “baroque”.

Whats your least favourite word ?

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