Q&A – I answer some of your frequently asked questions

blonde highlights

What camera do you use for vlogging ?
I’m basic, I use my iPhone 6s for vlogs. Not fancy but easy.

Why do you wear sunglasses in so many pictures / videos ?
My eyes are extremely sensitive, most of the time I have to wear sunglasses to keep them protected.


Do you like fashion ?
Well, when you have parents working in the fashion industry… I just hate shopping.

Where did you get your blonde highlights done ?
At the hair salon of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris, called “Franck Provost”.


What was the last book you read ?
VOGUE Paris. It’s a magazine, duh. I don’t actually read much.

Where’s your favorite movie theater ?
It depends; in Paris it’s Pathé Beaugrenelle, in the 15th arrondissement. In Los Angeles it’s Edwards Cinemas at The Commons in Calabasas. In Belgrade it’s Cineplexx at Usce shopping center.


What’s your favorite perfume ?
It’s Neroli Portofino from Tom Ford. I wear it even though it’s considered as a fragrance for men.

What’s your favorite candle smell ?
I love Beach Walk from Maison Margiela, it’s the scent of summer.

largeWhat’s your spirit animal ?
More like who… I always felt that Woody Allen was my spirit animal.

What’s your favorite app ?
I check & post to Snapchat & Twitter the most. I’m addicted to both, I can’t choose.

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