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Help fund photography work of arts

Today I want to share the work of a friend of mine, who is a great photographer; his name is Carlos, and he makes really stunning pictures and has already exhibited & given photography related classes. He’s very involved and committed to his projects, and just created a Patreon online for support.

As you all must know, being an independent photographer is not easy, especially for funding everything you need to realize your ideas, from gear to softwares, there’s a lot that needs to be accounted for before / during & after a picture is made. But let’s all agree that in the end, it’s worth the time and efforts, particularly if you’re a talented photographer like Carlos Ramirez ― it would be a waste if he wasn’t able to explore some projects, and accomplish awesome pieces due to a lack of means.

That’s why making this Patreon is a meaningful way towards completing some of his work. If you ever thought about supporting an independent photographer, and help funding his creations, then you should absolutely check out his pictures because either way, they’re worth seeing. I’ve personally always enjoyed his photographs, and I think you would too. So, take a look down below ! I’m sharing my favorites, and don’t forget that you can find out more about this on his page :

Carlos Ramirez on Patreon