It’s time to go !

We’re going back home !

It really is overdue to go back to my beloved city of angels. My sister is coming along this time around, we’ve planned a whole month away to California – it’ll be from March to April.

We’ll be arriving just in time for WonderCon, my favorite convention down in Anaheim. We’ll also go to Disneyland while we’re there that weekend. We’ve decided for San Diego & Las Vegas to be part of our trip, but we’ll probably add other cities because we want to explore.

We won’t be staying in L.A. the entire time, we’re bound to it but we need adventures ! I got this crazy idea to film our vacation and make it into a “reality TV” type of web-series, lightly scripted, totally off the rails… I’ll be posting that on here and my YouTube channel.

It’s going to be a lot of fun. We’ll be based in South Bay for the amazing beaches and because when I first moved to Los Angeles that was my home, and I miss it so much, I want to relive those awesome feelings with my sister. We’re going full California girls style ! I literally want to do the most LA-esque things there are.

I cannot wait to see my best friend Noah, who’s stayed to live there. We’re basically the same person, it’s wild. I’ll always love this place dearly and that’s why I’m attracted to going back there all the time. After these many years, I still have the same dreams… without the illusions.

But I don’t want to feel like giving up because the world is too realistic. So I’m trying again, what do I have to lose from this, everything is gain. I think we all need that bit of magic in our lives to survive it, that’s why this is important to me, that’s why we’re leaving to enjoy every single second of this nostalgic trip.


We almost died !

When my sister and I decided to go for a nice walk and venture into our grandma’s field, we never expected so many crazy adventures to happen to us… the most frightening one ? We came face to face with a wild looking animal, but was it actually a fox ?!

© Video by Madison Kennedy

CAUSING TROUBLE (at the Science Museum)

That was intense

Last summer my sister and I were in Serbia, and the temperatures were so high we didn’t know what to do with ourselves; then I thought about the Science Museum and their AC, also that they have fun things and experiments, which decided us to go.

© Video by Madison Kennedy

The Vlog Diaries – Last Minute Trip

Road trip back home

Very short vlog; about two weeks ago, my sister, grandma, (annoying) dog and I, went to Belgrade for a couple of days. We rushed our departure, because everyone missed wifi (yes, even my granny). Check out our crazy last minute trip !

© Video by Madison Kennedy

The Vlog Diaries – We got lost

The Vlogging Era

I am really inspired my YouTubers like Casey Neistat and iJustine, and decided to make vlogs more often. I’ve definitively tried to step up my game on this one… regarding the content & editing phase mostly. Hopefully you enjoy it, I think vlogging could help me gain some useful skills for other video projects.

© Video by Madison Kennedy

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Afternoon in Santa Monica

I went to the pier with my sister Dakota that day. It was gloomy but warm, we took a bunch of portraits of each other and even got asked by a stranger if we wanted a picture together, which we gladly accepted. Also had some fun in front of the Bubba Gump restaurant, trying on Forrest’s shoes.

Portraits of me by Dakota Kennedy – Portrait of us by a nice stranger
© (other) Photography by Madison Kennedy


by all memes necessary

Hangout with little cousin

Just went to Belgrade for a couple of days (mostly to watch Captain America : Civil War on a really big screen), and my cousin came along (not to the movie though, she doesn’t like geek stuff ahaha) 🙂 We did some window shopping & walked around Stari Grad, enjoying the awesome weather as I was casually snapping pics.

© Photography by Madison Kennedy