The Blog is under maintenance

My last Blog post…

The Blog is under maintenanceThe Blog is under maintenance
I need changes in my life. I’ve grown up, I’ve evolved… sharing my life like I used to do when I was a teenager, is just not the woman I’ve become. I have new interests, and it’s mostly wellness-centered.

The other day I thought to myself, I should share my tips & tricks and instead of “not blogging” and leaving this place to feel empty, I could really write my own bits of advice here – but I can’t bring myself to blog anymore though.

So, quite a few things are coming your way. I might change the layout and the address soon, or switch to a new website entirely… so be prepared for my next era. I can already tease you on what I’ll be focusing on, which is : Wellness, Travel, Style, Beauty, Food etc.

For those of you who really enjoy having a peek into my adventures, sometimes I’ll post personal things. That way everyone will be happy and hopefully, get what they’re searching for. Love you guys, xoxox !

Madison Kennedy