Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 1.56.56 PMEven though I don’t like the seat screens on the plane, I have to admit because my life is busy with different work projects, I don’t have much time to watch movies. It’s one thing that I enjoy, being able to catch up on the latest releases during a flight.

I love flying Swiss, being able to see my best friend Barbara in Zurich during the layovers is the perfect break for me. I always miss her so much, any minute we spend together is precious to me 🙂

To avoid jet lag I don’t sleep on the plane, which is not as hard as most people would think, even if it’s a long haul flight. Drinking lots of juices helps too ! I book my flights so that I can arrive early in the evening, so by the time I get to my place, I can crush in bed and get a good night sleep & wake up the next morning all fresh and jet lag free…

of course, I can’t always book my flights this way, and sometimes I have to deal with jet lag and sleep deprivation on a level close to zombie lobotomy. But I still love traveling & flying; it’s a beautiful feeling.

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Screen shots from my 0023 video on Vimeo, “recent flight trips”, check it : HERE