Guys… I am so excited about “this” that I don’t even know how to start writing my first ever editorial; finally, after months of wondering should I do it, and how should I do it, and also a lot of technical issues that delayed my original plans : now officially I can say it without jinxing it, I am launching my own online magazine for Geeks !

This is something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time, as most of my followers know by now, I am mega dorky. I’m really into anything geek related that I blog often about it on here. Except, it never felt like it was enough. This is just a hobby of mine, but I’ve always wished to give more of my free time to post about the things that I find awesome and love the most !

Well, my wishes are coming true 🙂 from now on, expect a new Geekland magazine post every day during two weeks… did I really say “every day” ? Yes, yes ! EVERY DAY : GEEK MADNESS FOR Y’ALL 😀 This is gonna be a blast for me, but I do apologize in advance because starting a new anything is rough, and until I’ve gotten used to it better, it’s probably gonna be super clumsy and awkward & pretty much amateur looking…

But hey, the most important is that I’m finally starting to do what I’ve wanted for so long, and that I keep pursuing in the direction that makes me happiest and I will try to better myself on the way, by working as seriously as I can on it. Although to be honest, I’m mainly doing this for fun, so don’t expect me to get fancy on here 😛 Enjoy this month full with WonderCon news, amazing cosplay, Q&A with celebrities from hit TV series, Lego timelapses, Xbox One gaming and much more ! GEEK ON !

xoxo, Madison Kennedy